1. The Return of Bobby Lashley: Risk or Reward for TNA?
  2. The Reality of Contract Negotiations in Pro Wrestling
  3. Shawn Michaels: Wrestler or Bait Shop Employee?
  4. TNA Plot Hole: Why was Austin Aries in the Feast or Fired Match?
  5. WWE Plot Hole: How did the Bella Twins win a solo award at the Slammys?
  6. TNA Plot Hole: Why didn't Rockstar Spud use GPS to find Gainesville, Georgia?
  7. How WWE Ruined Ryback
  8. Should Christy Hemme sue TNA for Sexual Harassment?
  9. TNA Plot Holes: Why did TNA deny that Chavo Guerrero was a World Champion?
  10. Who is Better? Bret "Hitman" Hart or Shawn Michaels?
  11. Why is Taz in Aces and Eights?
  12. Why John Cena does not deserve the Superstar of the Year Slammy Award
  13. Unresolved TNA Storyline: Why Hasn't Hulk Hogan Tried To Get His Robe Back?
  14. Unresolved Storyline: Why Is Brad Maddox Still on WWE TV?
  15. Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to Vince McMahon Being Relieved of Duty?
  16. WWE's "Are You Serious?" Distorts Truth Regarding WCW Again
  17. The Rise and Fall of WWE
  18. Did Goldberg end Bret Hart's career? Or did Bret screw Bret?
  19. Why is Michael Cole Wrestling?
  20. TNA's "Option C" vs WWE's "Money in the Bank". Which is Better?
  21. WWE's "Are You Serious?" Contradicts Its Own Premise
  22. Michael Tarver: From Nexus to Wrestling at a Flea Market
  23. WWE Rips Off "TNA Reaction" With "Backstage Fallout"
  24. Top 10 Wrestlers WWE Regrets Letting Go
  25. Why WWE's "Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" DVD Lacks Credibility
  26. The "Goldberg" Formula
  27. Why Doesn't TNA Promote Itself More?
  28. Is WWE Using Attitude Era Stars to Prop Up Sagging Ratings and PPV Buys?
  29. Unresolved WWE Storyline: What happened to John Cena vs The Rock for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 28?
  30. Why the Road to Wrestlemania was Full of Duds and Disappointments
  31. Why Does Triple H Have to Steal Everyone's Thunder?
  32. Unresolved TNA Storyline: What Happened to Winter's Supernatural Relationship Angelina Love?
  33. How the WWE Dropped the Ball with CM Punk 
  34. Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to the Royal Rumble Being the "End of the World As You Know It"? 
  35. Top 8 Ideas That Vince McMahon Ripped Off of Other Organizations 
  36. Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to Theodore Long Being on Probation?
  37. Unresolved Storyline: Why Did Kane Return with the Mask?
  38. How the WWE Bungled the Zack Ryder US Title Loss
  39. Is the WWE Setting Zack Ryder Up to Fail?
  40. Why the Rock Couldn't Save Survivor Series 2011 Buy Rates
  41. Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to Daniel Bryan Cashing in at Wrestlemania 28?
  42. How Zack Ryder Beat the WWE's Version of the Kobayashi Maru
  43. Evidence Shows Vince McMahon Fears TNA Wrestling
  44. Unresolved Storyline: Why Did The Nexus Help Kane Bury the Undertaker Alive at Bragging Rights 2010?
  45. The Awesome Truth Break Up As WWE Completely Forgets Conspiracy Storyline
  46. WWE Allegedly Takes Cheap Shot at TNA in New "Kliq" Article?
  47. 6 Storylines That WWE Never Resolved in 2011
  48. RAW Got Rocked! Who Cares? Why We Have Washed Our Hands of The Rock
  49. Top 5 WCW Wrestlers Who Were Held Back by the Hollywood Hogan Era (1994-1999)
  50. Should Abyss Unmask? A Look Back at Other Stars Who Gambled on Life Without the Mask
  51. How the WWE Spoiled Us With Main Stream Rock Themes and Pyro
  52. Why CM Punk and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin are Nothing Alike
  53. Why the Kevin Nash "Cell Phone" Angle Still Makes No Sense
  54. OOPS! WWE Airs Survivor Series Commercial Advertising The Rock Before John Cena Chose The Rock As His Partner
  55. Why is WWE Burying Ted Dibiase?
  56. Why Does WWE Insist on Commentators Wrestling?
  57. Why Hulk Hogan is Wrong About Robert Roode Not Being Ready
  58. WWE Expects Fans to Forget the Anonymous RAW GM Ever Existed
  59. Top 7 Myths and Misconceptions About Impact Wrestling
  60. Why Must TNA Always Have Triple Threat Matches On Every PPV?
  61. How the WWE Ruined Sin Cara (Mistico)
  62. Negative White Stereotypes in WWE
  63. Why TNA's Crimson and Goldberg Are Nothing Alike
  64. Why is Kevin Nash Only Entertaining in Stables?
  65. When is the Last Time John Cena Lost Cleanly?
  66. WWE Kills CM Punk's Buzz at Summerslam with Del Rio and 52 year old Kevin Nash
  67. Why Are WWE Superstars Jumping Ship to TNA Wrestling?
  68. Is CM Punk a One Hit Wonder?
  69. An Overview of the CM Punk/John Cena Contract Signing for Summerslam
  70. Top 5 WWF Wrestlers Who Were Held Back by the Hulkamania Era (1984-1993)
  71. How Mr.Anderson Went From Top Wrestler in TNA to Irrelevant
  72. Why Wrestling Fans Boo John Cena
  73. Mark Henry Has Been Dominating... Who Cares?
  74. Anderson Joins Immortal (Another Predictable Russo Swerve)
  75. Is Chavo Guerrero Going to TNA?
  76. WWE Power to the People Bombs Big Time
  77. Why Fortune is Better than The Nexus
  78. TNA's Masked Wrestlers Look So Low Budget
  79. Vince Scared to Pull the Trigger on the Cena Machine
  80. Who is Better? Undertaker or Sting?
  81. TNA Did Not Rip Off RAW's "Anonymous GM" with "The Network"
  82. WWE Robs Fans With False Advertising
  83. Triple H vs Undertaker Lacks Emotion, Feels Uninspired
  84. Why the WWE Needs Cody Rhodes New "Dashing" Gimmick
  85. Why the Nexus is a Rip Off of the World Elite
  86. Why Does WWE Continue to Hold Back Christian?
  87. Top 5 Worst Knock Offs in Wrestling History