Monday, December 19, 2011

WWE Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to Daniel Bryan Cashing In at Wrestlemania 28?

by Brian Phelps

Well, for those that saw WWE TLC 2011 last night it's official. Daniel Bryan is the new World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on the Big Show in order to win the World Title. Now, I'm all about Daniel Bryan winning the world title because it's the ultimate underdog story. I'm happy for Daniel Bryan. However, there is one thing about the whole deal that makes absolutely ZERO sense to me.

I thought Daniel Bryan declared he was going to cash in Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 28? I thought Daniel Bryan was trying to do it the right way because he wasn't about a cheap cash in on a defenseless tired superstar.

This is the problem with the WWE that gets on my nerves. Their writing is far too inconsistent. First, they make a big deal that Daniel Bryan will cash in at Wrestlemania 28. Then, they turn around and do the cheap same old "cash-in on a tired opponent that just wrestled a grueling match" routine. The problem with this is that it's NOT a way to get a wrestler over. The only person who truly got over with that strategy for the long term was Edge, and that's because it became his entire gimmick. He was an opportunist. He cut every corner to win. This type of cash in makes no sense for Daniel Bryan because it's completely out-of-character for him. It doesn't make sense with his personality. I think creative blew this one big time. I'm so tired of WWE starting a story and never coming close to resolving it. They did the same thing with The Miz/R-Truth conspiracy angle. Miz and Truth said they were going to expose the conspiracy, and then broke up without ever coming close to uncovering anything. Why have Daniel Bryan make the statement that he's cashing it in at Wrestlemania and then turn around and cash it in at a weak gimmick PPV like TLC? They could've built anticipation for Wrestlemania for months, but instead now they have no plan for the Smackdown WHC at Wrestlemania. 

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