Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why the Nexus is a rip off of the World Elite

Ever since The Nexus has stormed the scene in the WWE, the wrestling world has been buzzing. While the Nexus has so far been widely praised as a breath of fresh air for the WWE, many have also criticized the faction for being unoriginal. Everyone has been comparing the Nexus to the nWo, but I am utterly shocked that no one has made the biggest connection of them all. The Nexus is a blatant rip off of the World Elite. Think I'm lying? Think about it. The ideology behind the Nexus in 2010 is they're a bunch of young guys tired of the establishment holding them down and pushing the veterans, so they have decided to take matters into their own hands and take over. This ideology and plot was taken nearly verbatim from TNA's World Elite faction from 2009. Every time I hear Wade Barrett cut a promo about being tired of being ignored, I have flashbacks to Eric Young cutting an identical promo with the World Elite. At the end of the day, the Nexus just copy-and-pasted the World Elite's ideology with the nWo's style. If pressed I'd say that the Nexus are just a more polished and glossy World Elite. I like the Nexus, but I got to call it in spades.


  1. Are you serious? The nexus is a world elite knock off? I don't think so... There are no similarities. The nexus has completly torn apart the entire raw show. World elite is nothing but a bunch of losers that joined up together and basically had a small fued with main event mafia before joining but not really joining them. World elite was a complete joke... The nexus is a serious threat to the raw brand of WWE. Even though we all know it's scripted... As far as the show goes they are the worst threat to take over the WWE... World elite sucked and disbanded as quickly as the main event mafia. If the nexus is a rip off of anybody... It's the Main Event Mafia. The only difference is Nexus is a bunch of rookies and MEM was a bunch of legends... And Scott Steiner. Lol...

  2. You're nuts dude. They are a total rip of the World Elite in terms of purpose, and they're a total rip of the nWo in terms of actions (beatdowns, etc). The World elite and Nexus are both groups of young guys tired of the establishment holding them down so they want to take over because they are tired of being ignored. The only difference between the World Elite and Nexus is that Nexus has been more of a success, but that's because TNA's booking was horrendous at the time. Plus, when World Elite was created they were just like Nexus... they didn't get involved with the Main Event Mafia until towards the end of the faction.

  3. Yeah man, MEM was a group of legends trying to hold on to the spotlight by banding together and monopolizing the world title picture and intimidating anyone who tried to come for the titles.

    The World Elite and Nexus are young superstars tired of getting ignored.

  4. Nexus is part of a bigga picture... A much bigga picture... Lmao.

  5. Eric WojciechowskiJuly 31, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    I dont agree. World elite and Nexus are 2 different factions. World elite are people who hate americans and who are looked down upon and oppose america. Nexus are young unknowns, and world elite arent unknowns. Everyone knew them. There's your problem right there