Monday, April 18, 2011

TNA Did Not Rip Off Raw's "Anonymous GM" With "The Network"

by Brian Phelps (

I'm sick of this insinuation that TNA stole the Anonymous GM crap. Anyone who knows Vince Russo, knows that "The Network" is not a rip off of the "Anonymous GM"... it's actually a rehash of an old angle he wrote in WCW in 1999 where "The Powers That Be" were handing down decisions and no one knew who they were. Everyone is so quick to accuse TNA of stealing the Anonymous GM idea... when anyone who knows their wrestling history knows its him reusing his old "Powers That Be" story angle that HE WROTE in WCW. Watch a clip on Impact of Hogan talking about "The Network" and then watch a clip of Jarrett talking about "The Powers That Be" from WCW 1999... both storylines that Russo wrote.

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