Saturday, December 22, 2012

Unresolved TNA Storyline: Why Hasn't Hulk Hogan Tried to Get His Robe Back?

by Brian Phelps

Back on the November 1, 2012 edition of Impact Wrestling.... Matt Morgan appeared at the opening of Hulk Hogan's new beach shop and stole one of Hulk Hogan's one of a kind robes (A robe that Hogan fought Andre at Shea Stadium in).

In the time leading up to this incident and after, Hogan has appeared to be trying to use reverse psychology to motivate Matt Morgan into being the monster that Hogan knows he can be. What doesn't make sense about this story arc is... why hasn't Hogan tried to get his robe back? Even if he's trying to motivate Morgan wouldn't it make sense for Hogan to at least appear to WANT HIS PRICELESS ROBE BACK therefore motivating Morgan to keep it? Morgan steals Hogan's robe (a priceless piece of wrestling memorabilia) and Hogan never even makes mention of his robe again... despite the fact that Morgan continuously wears it to the ring. What's the point of Morgan stealing Hogan's robe if Hogan doesn't even appear to care about it? Think about it. Morgan stole Hogan's robe in order to get under Hogan's skin and to get revenge on Hogan for not noticing him, but Hogan doesn't appear to care about the robe so doesn't that make Morgan stealing it pointless? Doesn't it make Morgan's mission to get back at Hogan a failure?

I mean, if you're going to steal something from someone as an act of revenge you wouldn't break in and steal some Q-tips and bobby pins from their bathroom would you? NO. You'd take wedding rings and flat screens. Hogan ruined this story arc the moment he appeared he could care less about the robe. Instead of making it seem like Morgan took something priceless from Hogan... Hogan has made it seem as if Morgan merely took the last Hot Pocket from his fridge (You know... mad for a day and then forgotten). What's the motivation in stealing something that no one care about? Or was Matt Morgan just overcome with a moment of kleptomania? Could this be the beginning of Morgan's "Klepster" gimmick where he "hulks up" via theft?

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