Thursday, January 19, 2012

Unresolved Storyline: Why did Kane Return With the Mask?

by Brian Phelps

In the latest unresolved storyline from WWE, it has never really been revealed why Kane returned wearing the mask. He just showed up with the mask one day, and never really explained it. I'm glad that Kane is back wearing the mask because I felt that he lost all his aura and mystique after he unmasked; however, I would like a real reason for his masked return. He wasn't injured, burned, beat up or anything. I suspect that we will never get a true explanation though for this masked return. Also, there was no explanation for the entrance mask that he takes off. I'm talking about the one that resembles a welder's mask that he removes, let alone his regular mask. This is an ongoing issue with WWE. They have gotten into quite the habit of never resolving story arcs. Add this to such questions as...

  1. What happened to the Anonymous RAW GM?
  2. What happened to the New Nexus?
  3. Why did the original Nexus help Kane bury the Undertaker alive?
  4. Why did Kevin Nash get into a limousine with John Laurinaitis?
  5. Why didn't CM Punk ever exact revenge on Kevin Nash?
  6. What happened to the 'Conspiracy' story angle?

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