Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did Goldberg End Bret Hart's Career? Or Did Bret Screw Bret?

by Brian Phelps

Back in 1999, while wrestling at WCW Starrcade Goldberg accidentally ended Bret Hart's career with a thrust kick that resulted in Bret Hart's premature retirement from pro wrestling. Fast forward nearly 13 years and people are still hating on Bill Goldberg and blaming him for Bret Hart's career ending injury. The question now... is it fair that Bill Goldberg is still getting so much heat from wrestling fans for ending Bret Hart's career? My answer is NO, and I'm about to tell you all why.

I think it's very hypocritical of the average wrestling fan to STILL be hating on Goldberg for ending Hart's career. Pro wrestling is a very physical sporting activity and just like in the NFL or any other professional sport, injuries are part of the job. As a professional athlete you are taking up a career where severe injury is a constant risk. That's why you train properly, and stay in peak physical condition. Bill Goldberg was properly trained at the famed WCW Power Plant, and let's not forget that Bill Goldberg before becoming a professional wrestler was a trained NFL Football player. So let's not act like simply because he accidentally injured Bret Hart that Goldberg was just some reckless guy who went around hurting people because he didn't care about doing his job correctly. Goldberg was a highly intelligent individual and was trained at multiple sports.

Injuries can happen to anyone no matter how highly trained or skilled you are. It's a part of a life that accidents do happen. Bill Goldberg just happened to accidentally injure Bret Hart, and unfortunately it was severe. Once again, it can happen to anyone.

I love how people never let Goldberg live it down that he ended Bret Hart's career, but no one bashes Sting for ending the legendary "Ravishing" Rick Rude's career. No one bashes Steve Austin for ending Shawn Michaels career for FOUR YEARS. No one bashes Sheamus for ending Jamie Noble's wrestling career. No one says anything about D'Lo Brown paralyzing Droz, Owen Hart breaking Steve Austin's neck, Brock Lesnar breaking Hardcore Holly's neck etc. For some reason though, people are still giving Goldberg flack for ending Bret Hart's career. So, people need to just stop it. It's a part of the profession.

I also got one more little gem for those that want to hate on Goldberg for ending Bret Hart's career. Did Bill Goldberg give Bret Hart a severe concussion? Yes. But here's the elephant in the room that no one wants to admit. After this match, Bret Hart CONTINUED TO WRESTLE!!!! Bret continued wrestling which included a hardcore match with Terry Funk where you know he was getting hit in the head with foreign objects after he already sustained that concussion from Goldberg. Bret Hart kept wrestling matches even though he had a severe concussion. BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, Bret Hart kept wrestling because he says he didn't realize the severity of his injuries!!! He wrestled a hardcore match with Terry Funk, and wrestled Kevin Nash too. In other words, he continued wrestling for nearly 2 months KNOWING he was having lingering effects from his severe concussion (even if he didn't know how severe his injuries were). He knew something wasn't right and he kept wrestling, and kept getting hit in the head when he should have been recovering from his injury. Bret Hart did not seek the medical help that he should have because he said he didn't realize how serious his injury was. So, knowing all this... it is VERY REASONABLE to assume that had Bret Hart gotten the medical attention that he should have afterward instead of continuing to wrestle hardcore matches and get beat on the head for 2 months after his initial concussion that there's a chance he may not have ended up having to retire prematurely.

 So, did Goldberg injure him by giving him a severe concussion? Yes. BUT Bret Hart COMPOUNDED the injury and made his situation FAR WORSE by continuing to wrestle for months afterward instead of taking a few months off to recover. It was said that he may have suffered as many as 3 more concussions after the initial injury. So he chose to keep wrestling with a concussion instead of taking time off. So, while Goldberg did injure Bret Hart... he is obviously not totally responsible for ending his career. Bret Hart very well may have ended Bret Hart's career. As sad as it is to say, Bret may have screwed Bret.


  1. Well, this is nit-picky, but Bob Holly sandbagged Brock which resulted in Bob's broken's pretty much on Bob.

    1. Bob Holly gave an interview in which he said he didn't sandbag and that what happened was that both he and Lesnar were exhausted. He said that Brock couldn't get him up at that point in the match, and he couldn't get up either and that later on Brock apologized to him and made sure to check up on him.

    2. What always got me about that "sandbagging" accusation was that if you watch the clip closely, Brock got him off the ground perfectly fine and 3/4 of the way in the air but couldn't get him above his shoulders. Also, at the position he was at there was no way for Holly to really sandbag him at that point where Brock lost control I didn't see Holly grab anywhere to prevent Brock and at the point where Brock lost control Holly wouldn't have been able to dead weight on Lesnar. But, that's just me though.

  2. get your facts right, Stone Cold didnt injure Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels hurt his back during a match with The Undertker when The Undertaker back dropped him and he landed wrong on the casket.

    Also - I do blame Owen Hart for ending Stone Cold's career earlier than it should have been.

    Nobody should be doing Piledrivers like that on anybody.

    Also Bret never injured a wrestler in his whole career, though Goldberg is known for being a stiff worker which makes the other wrestler hurt - ur always supposed to protect you who face - these guys have familys to feed you know.

    1. Recently Austin said it was just as much his fault because he took it wrong, he didn't tuck his chin and protect himself properly ... It wasn't like Owen did the move without Austin's consent, he knew the dangers ..... What he was upset about is Owen never called him when he was laid up in the hospital which even Brett admits was wrong.

      It may have shortened his career but it made Austin a true legend. At that time "The toughest SOB" thing was a gimmick (Ironically one that Brett Hart helped him 'get over' at Wrestlemania 13, a true classic matchup) but after Austin finished that match with a broken neck it became Reality and Legendary

  3. Its what they get for faking a career and not being real professionals. Its a stupid thing but hey its a stupid "sport".
    What do you expect when you fake fight everyday,that you can take a real hit in real life?
    Remember Shawn got his ass beat at a bar for thinking he was such a tough guy.
    If they made rules and followed them we could all witness real action without all the sideline crap/and have real champs.
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    And if boxers were really tough guys they wouldn't wear padded gloves.

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  5. Watch the match (Starrcade '99). The kick Bret attributes the concussion to never touched him. As Bret came off the ropes, Goldberg threw a high kick. Bret stopped and sold the kick and crumbled to the mat. I've played the footage on regular speed and in slow motion and Goldberg's boot does not touch Bret's face. I was there that night, sitting in the 3rd tier at the then MCI Center and I could tell the kick didn't make contact. Something else gave Bret a concussion that night.

    1. If everyone who claimed to be at these monumental events live was actually there, people woud still be stuck in traffic getting out of the arena parking lot. (I think the last few people are just now leaving the arena from Owen's fall.)

  6. Bret Hart is just mad that he wears pink so hard it gave him a severe concussion from being a puss