Monday, July 9, 2012

WWE's "Are You Serious?" Contradicts Its Own Premise

by Brian Phelps

"...We are going to lead you hand in hand over the heaps of maneur that WWE has produced in its past..." - Road Dogg

WWE's "Are You Serious?" web series takes a look at all the epic fails and hilarious bloopers in WWE history... or so they say. Has anyone else noticed though that the majority of each episode doesn't even focus on WWE? The majority of each episode focuses on all of WCW's blunders. This show is nothing more than one big WCW bashing every episode. I've noticed they often spotlight WCW moments featuring Buff Bagwell, Sid Vicious, Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner. Basically for every 3 or 4 WCW segments they make fun of, they have maybe 1 WWE segment. It just comes off like they're still trying to rub it in that WWE beat WCW. C'mon it's been 11 years since WCW was sold. Get over it already. I am just starting to get tired of WWE's revisionist history trying to portray to everyone that WCW was just some piece of crap organization that never did anything right and failed miserably. They rarely if ever spotlight anything positive about WCW. They're so quick to tell you how bad WCW is, but they'll never admit that from 1996-1998 WCW had the deepest roster and greatest factions in pro wrestling history and that it will never be duplicated. It's just like why do you still feel the need to take shots at WCW when they've been out of business for 11 years? Road Dogg says they are looking at all the crap WWE HAS PRODUCED in its past.  Keywords: WWE PRODUCED. So why does 75-85% of every episode consist of WCW produced segments?

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