Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why TNA's Crimson and Goldberg Are Nothing Alike

By Brian Phelps

I am under the belief that TNA's Crimson is the fastest rising young star in either TNA or the WWE at the moment. The thing I like about him is that he doesn't look like any other wrestler that I've ever seen. He's not the cookie cutter crew cut, little trunks, clean shaved, stock theme having WWE newbie wrestler. Nor is he the typical spandex pants, smaller build, grown out hair TNA wrestler. He's a big man, but he's also cut with a longer torso. I haven't seen a pro wrestler body build that looks quite like his. Then his facial appearance is different too, with shorter but still grown somewhat red hair and beard... and tats. Then, it doesn't hurt to have a pretty awesome theme song. In essence, Crimson embodies what the modern pro wrestler SHOULD look like. A man of few words, who lets his actions in the ring speak for himself.

However, as I have combed the internet I have found a few wrestling fans that say that "Crimson = TNA's Goldberg". I would have to respectfully disagree. Simply because Crimson is undefeated for now does not mean that he is a Goldberg rehash. Let me make this clear: every wrestler that has an undefeated streak is not a Goldberg knock off. Contrary to what some may believe, undefeated streaks in professional wrestling are quite common and Goldberg is certainly not the first wrestler to have an impressive undefeated streak. Andre the Giant had a 15 year WWF undefeated streak. Mr Perfect went undefeated for over a year. After Goldberg's streak, Vladimir Kozlov had an undefeated streak that was finally broken by Shawn Michaels (this is before he became a comedic wrestler). Samoa Joe was undefeated for a year and a half in TNA, so I have no idea why people make it out like Crimson's undefeated streak makes him a Goldberg rip.

Other than the fact that they both have undefeated streaks, the similarities pretty much end there. Goldberg and Crimson do not look alike. Their attire is not similar, and nor is their theme music. They don't have the same build, nor do they talk or sound the same. Their move sets are not really similar. It can only be based on the fact that both men have undefeated streaks in non-WWE companies. Goldberg would bash his head into lockers, snarl, breathe and exhale smoke, spit and was escorted to the ring by security. Crimson does NONE of these things. Crimson just comes down to the ring and smashes guys... that's it.

Also, just because Crimson has done a spear does not make him a Goldberg clone either. Goldberg is NOT the only wrestler to utilize the spear. He simply popularized it in the modern era. Edge, Rhino, Batista, Christian, and Bobby Lashley have ALL utilized the spear in their move sets. So, why a few fans believe Crimson using a spear makes him a Goldberg rip is beyond me. I think some people have a tendency to take something completely minor and run with it. Crimson being a Goldberg rip, is as ridiculous as those who claimed that Goldberg was a Steve Austin rip. The only thing Goldberg and Austin had in common is that they both were bald. Crimson is in no way, shape, or form a Goldberg rip.


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