Friday, February 3, 2012

Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to Theodore Long Being on Probation?

by Brian Phelps

Over the last month or two I've been taking the time to expose the WWE creative team for their grotesque inconsistencies, and failure to even bother resolving lengthy storylines that they started. Well, I've come to you guys again while I was doing some thinking, and I've come up with yet another unresolved story that the WWE is guilty of. 

Does anyone else remember in the last couple of years on Smackdown when all of a sudden Vince McMahon had some sort of problem with the way Theodore Long was running things? If you remember, Vince McMahon kept telling Teddy Long that he was watching him, and even went as far as to put Theodore Long on "probation". Vince would over turn Teddy Long's decisions and other things. Then all of a sudden the whole thing was simply forgotten about. Poof! It was gone. Like so many other stories in WWE, it was swept under the rug. So, what happened to Theodore Long being on the verge of being fired?

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