Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Awesome Truth Break Up As WWE Completely Forgets Conspiracy Storyline

by Brian Phelps

On Monday's RAW Supershow, Awesome Truth officially split up with The Miz hitting the skull crushing finale on R-Truth on the entrance ramp after he duped R-Truth into believing that they were going after John Cena. Honestly, I think breaking these guys up was a mistake on WWE creative's behalf. Why? Well, let's examine the situation.

Why did the Miz and R-Truth form in the first place? They banded together in order to expose the conspiracy that was going on in the WWE. They swore up and down there was a conspiracy that involved holding them back. They implicated Triple H to be involved in this cover up. Then one week they all of a sudden it's like they just forgot that there was ever a conspiracy in the first place. They stopped talking about it, and stopped trying to get to the bottom of it. So, the WWE broke them up without ever solving the conspiracy.

This is the growing issue I have with WWE creative that I've noted in my previous posts about the Kevin Nash story arcs. It's that WWE starts an intriguing story line and then just drops the story all together and expects the fans to just forget about it. What happened to the New Nexus? What happened to the Anonymous RAW GM? What happened to the Conspiracy? Then, you expect me to believe that Awesome Truth would turn on each other off of some claims from John Cena? What doesn't make sense about it is that Cena told Truth that Miz thinks he's crazy, and Truth got all fired up at Miz about it. The thing is, when they first formed The Miz told R-Truth to his face he was out of his mind. So why is he mad now? To me, it came across as a really cheap write off. I've been calling RAW into question now for the last couple of years, but this year so far takes the cake. 


  1. The actual creative team is just a bunch of idiots, that create storylines just to leave them midway...
    Breaking up the Awesome Truth was something really STUPID, I was like 'NO PLEASE', because it was too early to end the partnership they had...
    Talking about previous storylines, New Nexus was great, but was ended too early, the Anonymous GM's storyline was stupid, good thing is over..
    WWE's creative team is doing shit again

  2. That was a dumb ass move by the creative team. Even thou i hated them, you had to watch to see what they were going to do next. Miz and truth made each other look better.

  3. I thought the Miz and R-Truth had major potential. It almost looked as though their story arc was going to intertwine with Kevin Nash's at one point especially when he got into a limo with John Laurinaitis, but then creative took the lazy way out and made Nash's angle into a cheap Kliq rehash feud.