Wrestling Bloopers and Funnies

Last Updated: February 12, 2014

Booker T accidentally calls Hulk Hogan the N word

Homicide can't get out of steel cage

How I Met Your Mother: Marshall Eriksen dressed up as The Ultimate Warrior

Hulk Hogan funny Honey Nut Cheerios Commercial (1985)
Hulk Hogan and Sgt Slaughter Radio Shack Commercial (2014)
Hulk Hogan does a funny Japanese commercial
Hulk Hogan drinks anti-freeze
Hulk Hogan skateboard fail
Hulk Hogan skateboarding (sort of)
Hulk Hogan messes up his lines and calls himself gay
Hulk Hogan messes up his lines again, says "Blood, Sets, and Tears"

Jake Roberts and Sting funny WCW Halloween Havoc 1992 Commercial "Spin the wheel"

John Cena botches a Hurricanrana on CM Punk (WWE RAW 2-25-13)

John Morrison funny parody Triple H vs Undertaker Battle Rap

Kurt Angle gets in a bar room brawl (TNA Impact Dec. 2011)
Kurt Angle shoots Big Show with a Tranquilizer Gun on WWE Smackdown (2004)

Mick Foley as Mankind on an episode of Boy Meets World

Ric Flair funny Tennessee Lottery Commercial 2010

Robocop rescues Sting from the Four Horsemen (WCW Capital Combat: May 19, 1990)

Ryback botches his own finisher on Tensai (WWE RAW 10-1-2012)

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