Saturday, September 21, 2013

TNA Plot Holes: Why didn't Chris Sabin Invoke his Rematch Clause?

By Brian Phelps

After Bully Ray lost the TNA world title to Chris Sabin, Bully Ray invoked his rematch clause and defeated Sabin to regain the belt. Since Chris Sabin lost the world title, why didn't Sabin invoke his rematch clause? Sabin never got a rematch, which is odd especially considering that Sabin got hit with a hammer in an extremely controversial finish. It also makes no sense that babyface General Manager Hulk Hogan granted the heel Bully Ray a title rematch, but not the babyface Chris Sabin. Why Sabin never got a rematch was never explained.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Breaking News: Cody Rhodes Fired by Triple H!

Last night on RAW (9-2-2013), Cody Rhodes was placed in a "Career Threatening Match" against Randy Orton by Triple H for speaking out against Triple H's treatment of Daniel Bryan. Cody Rhodes narrowly lost to Orton despite at one point hitting his 'Cross Rhodes' finisher. After the match, Triple H came out on the entrance ramp and fired Cody Rhodes. As Rhodes was being escorted out by security, WWE interviewer Josh Matthews questioned Cody on what happened. Cody commented that the McMahons have never liked the Rhodes. He says that's why Dusty Rhodes was the hottest wrestler in the Florida Territory until he signed with WWF and Vince had him wrestling in polka dots. He said that's why his brother went from being the Natural to being put in gold paint. We certainly hope Cody returns to the WWE soon.