Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why does WWE insist on commentators wrestling?

by Brian Phelps

Is anyone else as tired as I am of WWE having commentators wrestle? I mean, no one that I know of ever wanted to see Michael Cole wrestle... let alone feud with fellow commentator Jim Ross or Lawler. There is no point to commentators feuding and wrestling each other as it does nothing to heat up the crowd or people at home. It was already a travesty that Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler was the 3rd most hyped match at Wrestlemania 27. WWE put more emphasis and promotion into Cole vs Lawler than they did for the World Heavyweight CHampionship match between Edge and Alberto Del Rio. What does it say about your company when your 3rd biggest headliners were two commentators fighting, while the United States Championship Match didn't even make the broadcast cut. Feuds between commentators are stupid because its just one big road to no where. No one is built from it, and since they're not wrestlers you don't gain anything from a win or loss. You just go back to commentating the next week. So what's the point?

Also, what does it say about your organization when you have to keep bringing back Jim Ross to pop a better rating? That means that Jim Ross is a bigger draw than the actual wrestlers themselves. Why don't you just leave Jim Ross on commentary? If your rating dips every time he's not on RAW, then why keep taking him off? If your company is in a transition phase then you push new wrestlers. However, the commentating team doesn't matter. The commentating booth doesn't suffer just because Jim Ross gets older. So once again I ask what's the point? Stop having Michael Cole wrestle. No one wants to see it. No one EVER wanted to see it. No one ever wanted to see two commentators wrestle. No one gives a rats tail about Michael Cole and Jim Ross feuding on Twitter lol, or challenging each other.You won't give Zack Ryder, Ted Dibiase, or Primo a real feud or air time, but you will waste valuable mic time and squander the creative teams efforts by having them take time to write out an off-and-on year long feud and pay-per-view matches for commentators when there are 50 hungry wrestlers in the back waiting for their shot at the big time? People can say what they want about TNA Wrestling, but until I see Mike Tenay vs Don West headlining Bound For Glory I can't criticize TNA too much. 

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