Sunday, December 15, 2013

TNA Plot Hole: Why was Austin Aries in the Feast or Fired Match?

On the 12-12-13 edition of Impact Wrestling featured the Feast or Fired Match. Feast or Fired is a match where 4 briefcases are put above each turnbuckle. Each briefcase features either an X-Division Title Match, World Heavyweight Title Match, Tag Team Title Match, or a Pink Slip. Austin Aries earlier in the show defeated Chris Sabin for the X-Division Championship. Aries then later on competed in the Feast or Fired Match.

What doesn't make sense: Why was Austin Aries allowed to compete in the Feast or Fired match even though he was already X-Division Champion? In theory, what would TNA have done if Austin Aries pulled down the briefcase containing the X-Division Title Shot while he was X-Division Champion? He obviously can't fight himself so it made absolutely no sense why he was allowed in the match. This is what is wrong with wrestling today. There's no thought given to common sense logic. 

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