Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why does WWE continue to hold back Christian?

One thing that has been killing me for the last few years, is why oh why does Vince McMahon and the WWE continue to hold "Captain Charisma" Christian back from the main event status that he so richly deserves? Christian after being relegated to mid-carder status his entire WWE career, departed for TNA in 2005 and immediately TNA saw something in him that the WWE did not. TNA had the confidence in Christian to crown him top baby face and heel status and 2-time World Heavyweight Champion. He spent 2005-2008 in TNA trading blows with legends like Sting, Kurt Angle, and Booker T, and the best young wrestler in the world AJ Styles (who just became the 1st TNA wrestler to be rated the #1 wrestler in the PWI 500 Best Wrestlers). TNA was single-handedly responsible for making Christian a credible main eventer, and raising his stock. Then at the end of 2008, Christian decided to give WWE another shot.

So, after all of this success you expect a big WWE return right? WRONG. Christian debuted in February of 2009 on the lowest rated WWE Show, and the weakest brand... the now defunct WWECW, confronting then virtual unknown Jack Swagger (who despite being WWECW Champion, and World Heavyweight Champion... is still fairly and laughably unknown). Christian was put on a show no one watched, wrestling a bunch of nobodies. Christian went from wrestling royalty like Kurt Angle and Sting to wrestling some nobody named Yoshi Tatsu and competing for a World Title that was worth LESS than the mid-carder titles. What a slap in the face. Now, Christian has been back in the WWE for a year and a half and what is he doing now? He's wrestling lower mid-carders on Smackdown. Wow, way to go Christian. You are probably making more money now, but at what cost? You are wrestling over 300 days a year, destroying your body... and for what? A 2nd rate show, no appreciation, and taking a huge step BACKWARD in your career... all for a few more bucks? Had he stuck around in TNA now, he is nearly guaranteed to have gotten a big pay increase with all the new big names, he'd still be a main eventer, probably world champion again, wrestling only about 100 days a year, and salvaging your body for a longer career. Who knows though... maybe WWE will make him World Champion one day... but I'm not holding my breath. Good luck to you Christian, I hope you learned a lesson.

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  1. Agreed...but as the million dollar man says.."Everybody's Got a Price!"