Thursday, January 19, 2012

How the WWE Bungled the Zack Ryder US Title Loss

by Brian Phelps

Was I the only one who noticed the ridiculous inconsistency of the WWE writing team on Monday night RAW? For those that don't know, I'm referring to Zack Ryder losing the US Championship to Jack Swagger on Monday night. Ryder was forced to defend his US title just one week after the heinous attack by Kane that resulted in Ryder being choke slammed on ply wood outside the arena. After Zack Ryder lost his match and the US title to Jack Swagger it was revealed by John Laurinaitis that Zack Ryder was NOT medically cleared to compete. Despite realizing the "mistake", the decision was not reversed. Here is where the writing inconsistency comes in. About a month ago, Daniel Bryan attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract against Mark Henry. Daniel Bryan won the match and embraced the World Heavyweight Championship, but Theodore Long came out and immediately reversed the decision stating that Mark Henry was not medically cleared to compete and thus the match was declared null and void. Daniel Bryan was forced to give back the World Heavyweight Championship to Mark Henry.

This is what gets irritating about the WWE. There is absolutely ZERO consistency to their writing. Why should Zack Ryder have to sacrifice his title when Mark Henry didn't? The troubling thing about it is that these two story lines are only about a month apart. I'm getting tired of the WWE contradicting themselves creatively. If it's not leaving a storyline completely unresolved then it is two storylines completely contradicting the validity of each other. Jack Swagger should have to give the US title back to Zack Ryder for the same reason that Daniel Bryan had to give the World Heavyweight Championship back to Mark Henry. This is one thing that I can honestly say that TNA does not do and that's a good thing. You won't see this sort of writing goof up on Impact Wrestling.

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