Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Must TNA Always Have Triple Threat Matches On Every PPV?

By Brian Phelps

Maybe it's just me, but am I the only one that notices that TNA always has to have a Triple Threat match on every PPV card? I've noticed this as long as I have been watching TNA. Every single PPV there is some sort of Triple Threat Match. Bound For Glory 2010 it was Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson. The current upcoming TNA PPV, No Surrender has a Kurt Angle vs Sting vs Mr.Anderson Triple Threat for the World Title. If it's not a triple threat match, then it's a Fatal 4-way match. In other words, TNA has killed specialty matches. They book specialty matches at every single PPV to the point of booking specialty matches into the ground. You just want to see one TNA PPV with absolutely NO specialty matches. I don't want to see a Triple Threat, a Fatal 4-Way, or any other crazy match. What happened to the average PPV that just had a bunch of singles and one or two tag matches? In TNA, there is no such thing as a specialty match because they have them ALL the time. Sometimes, less is more.

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