Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unresolved Storyline: Why Is Brad Maddox Still On WWE TV?

by Brian Phelps

Ahh, it's time once again to call out WWE on unresolved story lines, and story arcs that contradict themselves. I'm sure we all remember "rogue" referee Brad Maddox? He's the infamous referee that costed Ryback the WWE Championship with a low blow at Hell in a Cell 2012. Vince McMahon told Brad Maddox that he would give him a million dollar contract as a wrestler if he could defeat Ryback. Brad Maddox failed to defeat Ryback, and thus should never have been seen again (kayfabe wise). So why was he on RAW December 3rd asking Vickie Guerrero to sign him to a contract? So, he got another shot at a contract by facing Randy Orton (which he lost again). Why was he even allowed in the arena? Some may say that it's because he is still a referee; however, on the December 14th episode of Smackdown Josh Matthews mentioned that Maddox is no longer a referee. So... if he is no longer a referee, and he lost his shots at a contract then why is he still being allowed into the buildings? WWE seems to be contradicting themselves on the whole Brad Maddox story. 

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