Saturday, October 8, 2011

WWE Expects Fans to Forget the Anonymous RAW GM Ever Existed

by Brian Phelps

You know in the midst of the whole Vince McMahon being let go by the Board of Directors, to Triple H taking over the company as Chief Operations Officer... a friend of mine asked me a question that I thought was so good I couldn't pass up posting it here at Wrestler's Way. Here goes guys...

What ever happened to the Anonymous Raw General Manager?

The Anonymous GM was never fired. On top of that, they never even revealed who the Anonymous RAW GM was. They went on and on for a year speculating about who the Anonymous RAW General Manager was... and now the WWE expects to just forget that the Anonymous GM ever existed? How are you going to go on and on for a year about who the GM of RAW is, and then just all of a sudden just pretend it never happened without ever revealing who the GM was? I just think it's funny that one day they just completely dropped the entire Anonymous RAW General Manager storyline without ever even coming close to resolving who it was. That's wrestling for you.


  1. LMFAO!!! I DID FORGET!! OMG thats hilarious.

  2. Yes exactly, I am totally focused on Triple H,