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Why Anna Kournikova Flopped on NBC's The Biggest Loser

by Brian Phelps

Inspired by the current season 13 of NBC's The Biggest Loser, I went back and started to watch season 12. I noticed that Anna Kournikova who was a trainer in season 12 is not present in the current season with Bob and Dolvett. I decided to look up why she was only on the series for one season, and found that many reports were that she clashed with the staff of the show and was unsympathetic to the contestants.

Honestly, it's not hard for me to see why she didn't return for another season. She was a flop, and I'll tell you why. She had absolutely NO charisma! She had absolutely NO intensity, and that was the difference between Anna Kournikova versus Bob and Dolvett. You can see the fire in Dolvett's eyes when he is training the contestants, but with Anna Kournikova she just had no intensity. There is a huge difference between an intense work out, and an intense trainer. Bob and Dolvett are hard on the contestants, but they aren't just insulting them. They begin reshaping the contestant's confidence, and that's what I failed to see Anna Kournikova do. I felt like she was being insulting, but didn't back it up by getting to really know the contestants. The other thing is that her personality was just dry. I thought she didn't have much personality to be honest, and that's not meant as an insult. That's just how she came off to me. 

The biggest thing of all that contributed to Anna being a flop is the elephant in the room that no one wants to see. She is NOT qualified to be a fitness trainer. I mean c'mon! She's a tennis player! How does being a tennis player qualify you to be a personal trainer? Dolvett is a top level trainer who has trained some of the top entertainers in the world including Janet Jackson and Justin Bieber. Dolvett has also helped a person lose over 300 pounds, and he runs his own training company in Atlanta. Dolvett's qualifications are secure. Bob Harper's credentials have been in place for years. On the other hand, Anna has no personal training credentials. How does being a tennis player qualify you to help average people who are obese lose weight? It's ridiculous. 

I'll tell you where NBC went wrong. NBC thought to themselves that all they needed to get was a pretty celebrity/athlete to shore up ratings when Jillian Michaels left, and they brought in Anna Kournikova who had absolutely no business being a personal trainer for the show. Anna Kournikova is a pretty petite blonde tennis player. She is one of the most searched athletes on the internet every year simply because she's a pretty face. That's just the facts. She was a world class athlete, but she was never the best. She never won a singles title, and she only reached as high as number 8 in the world. NBC pulled an American Idol when they chose Anna Kournikova because she's the Ellen Degeneres of The Biggest Loser. Ellen Degeneres had no business being an American Idol judge and was simply chosen for ratings. NBC did the same thing with The Biggest Loser and Anna.

The single biggest issue with her besides the fact that she isn't qualified to be a trainer is that she can't relate to the contestants at all. Many of the contestants on the Biggest Loser have had life long struggles with weight loss, and emotional struggles and eating disorders. Anna Kournikova hasn't had to struggle a day in her life compared to the average person. Her father is a professor, wrestling champion, and part-time martial arts instructor. By the time she was 6 years old, she was already a part of a tennis club which has trained several world class tennis players. She signed a management deal at age 10. She never had to struggle a day in her life compared to the average person. She was competing in world championships as a teenager. She's a millionaire several times over. She was named one of the hottest women of all-time by Men's Health magazine. In other words, she's never had to live in the real world that these contestants have because she's been rich her whole life and what she can't get by on her tennis skills she gets by on her looks. That's why she came off as unsympathetic and unrelatable. She's had a VERY easy life. This isn't meant as a diss to Anna Kournikova, but it's obvious that she had no business being on the show. I'm not sad that she didn't return for season 13. I'm just fine with Bob and Dolvett.

New Japan Pro Wrestling: January 25, 2012

New Japan Pro Wrestling 8-Man tag action pitting Tanahashi, Goto, Honma, and Taguchi vs Okada, Takahashi, Yoshi-Hashi, and Romero.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

An In-Depth Look at Why Tim Tebow is NOT a Bust

by Brian Phelps

One of the hottest topics in the NFL right now is the raging debate over whether controversial Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow is a bust. Is Tim Tebow a bust? Well, I'm a firm believer that Tim Tebow is NOT a bust, and I'm going to reveal to you why.

First off, there is no way you can call a guy who went 7-4 in the regular season, won the division title, had a playoff win against the defending AFC Champions, and had a total of 6 game winning drives in the 4th quarter or overtime a bust. That is mind boggling to me how anyone can call that man a bust. 

Second, most people who call Tim Tebow a bust will always throw his 45% completion percentage in your face. To be honest, the completion percentage is not an accurate barometer for Tim Tebow's talent and let me tell you why. Tim Tebow threw 14 touchdowns, rushed for 7 touchdowns, and had over 600 yards rushing with only 6 interceptions and he only started 13 games (11 reg. season, 2 playoff)! A QB with a 45% completion percentage should have thrown far more than 6 interceptions. That means he accounted for 21 Touchdowns and only 6 interceptions in just 13 games, and had over 600 yards rushing. Those are not bust numbers. Outside of completion percentage, those are great numbers.

Third, anyone who says Tim Tebow's wins were because of the Denver Broncos Defense is a joke to me. The Denver Broncos defense is totally over rated. The Broncos defense is not the reason the Broncos were winning. The Denver Broncos defense are PRETENDERS and I'll tell you why. According to ESPN, the last 18 games BEFORE Tim Tebow took over as quarterback the Denver Broncos had 4 wins and 14 losses, the worst of any team in the NFL during that span. That means the Denver Broncos defense lost 78% of the time. That means Kyle Orton had a 78% losing percentage for all those who say he's a much better quarterback. The Broncos defense in the 18 games before Tebow took over only won 22% of the time. In the 13 games Tim Tebow started the Denver Broncos "magically" (sarcasm) jumped to a 61% winning percentage versus a 22% winning percentage in the 18 games before he took over.  Another reason the Denver Broncos defense are pretenders is that ANY time they played a high powered offense this season they got BLOWN OUT. They got blown out by 5,000 yard passer Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions 45-10. They got blown out by 5,000 yard passer Tom Brady and New England TWICE. They can't stop the elite QB's. The Denver Broncos offense is not a high powered offense. They weren't a high powered offense under Kyle Orton, and they aren't under Tim Tebow. It's not their style. They are better suited to low scoring slug fests against other teams of the same mind set like Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Oakland etc. They're a 14-21 point a game team. They're not a 30-40 point team like New England, New Orleans, Detroit, or Green Bay. It's just who they are so if the defense lets the game get away early then the Broncos don't have a chance because a shoot out is not a game they're going to win.

As far as Tim Tebow's Division Title he won this year goes, I already know that many will try to say "Yeah, but he backed into it with a 3 game losing streak to end the season". For those that say he backed into it, I must remind you that had Kyle Orton not lost 4 out of the first 5 games of the season Tebow would have never had to "back into it" in the first place. Why is it that Tim Tebow goes on a 3 game skid and he's called a "bust", but Phillip Rivers goes on a 6 game skid after starting 4-1 and no one pans him to the degree that Tebow was panned for "backing" into the playoffs. Ryan Fitzpatrick started off the year 5-2 and went on a 7 game skid and didn't get criticized the way Tebow did. Tim Tebow actually MADE the playoffs and he was criticized more than them.

Also, those that that say he lost 4 out of the last 5 games this season need to remember that the Broncos were going to lose in the playoffs. The mere fact that they knocked Big Ben and the defending AFC Champion Steelers out of the playoffs in the first round immediately made the Denver Broncos season a success. They were never expected to win the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos simply were not equipped to go deep in the playoffs. They weren't expected to win the first playoff game, but they beat the odds and did. If you examine the Denver Broncos team they are BADLY outgunned by nearly EVERY team in the playoffs. The Denver Broncos are Tim Tebow or bust. Look at the other playoff teams. The Patriots have Tom Brady, Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, Chad Ochocinco, and Gronkowski. The Ravens have Ray Rice and Anquan Boldin. The Steelers had Big Ben, Hines Ward, Mike Wallace, and Rashard Mendenhall. The Detroit Lions have Matthew Stafford and Calvin "Megatron" Johnson. You get the point? What do the Broncos have besides Tebow? A rebuilt Willis McGahee? An ancient Champ Bailey in his 13th season who didn't even break 40 tackles? Eric Decker???? Really!? The facts are the Denver Broncos are a below average team and you would have to be blind not to see that. Defensively, they have a poor secondary which is why they get blown out by high powered offenses and their defensive line can't get get to the quarterback with the exception of Elvis Dumervil. They got a great linebacker in Von Miller, and the other linebackers are fairly good and that's the only real saving grace of the defense.

Anyone that says Tim Tebow had Willis McGahee you have to look at it for what it is. Yes, Willis McGahee had nearly 1,200 yards rushing, but there's some alarming numbers that go along with this. Willis McGahee could get you to the red zone, but he couldn't score touchdowns in the red zone. For a guy that had nearly 1,200 yards rushing, he only had 4 measly rushing touchdowns. Tim Tebow had 6 rushing touchdowns in the regular season (7 incl. playoffs) on only 600 yard rushing. In other words, Tebow ran for half the yards that McGahee did and came out with 2 more touchdowns than McGahee. Willis McGahee may have rushed for over 1,000 yards, but he posted career lows in rushing touchdowns (4) while matching career highs in fumbles (4) and fumbles lost (3). Put it this way, Willis McGahee had as many fumbles this season as he did rushing touchdowns (4 of each). Also, I say that Willis McGahee is a recycled running back because before this season he hadn't been a regular starter since 2007! He also hadn't had a 1,000 yard season since 2007. Another alarming stat is that from 2008-2010 with the Ravens he only started 11 games out of 44, but he had 24 rushing touchdowns during that time! This season with the Broncos he started 14 games and played in 15, but only had 4 rushing touchdowns. So yeah, he'll get you some yards, but he won't get you many touchdowns. He had as many turnovers as he did rushing touchdowns. So once again, it's Tebow or bust. Tebow doesn't have any prolific receivers, and he doesn't get any help putting points on the board from Willis McGahee.

Let's look at his receiving unit. Let's call it in spades. The Denver Broncos receiving unit stinks. Does anyone even know who their Tight End is? Then there's Eric Decker. NO ONE had even heard of Eric Decker before Tim Tebow became the starting quarterback. Eric Decker wasn't even a starting receiver last year. The fact is that if you put Eric Decker (Tebow's supposed number 1 target) on any of the playoff teams, he probably wouldn't even start. He wouldn't even play on the New England Patriots. He might be a number 3 or 4 receiver on most other teams. That's no offense to Eric Decker, he's just not that level of receiver. No one knew who Demaryius Thomas was either before the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game. He's started 7 games in his first two seasons combined. He had one great play that will forever be remembered in Denver. The fact is that Tebow's top two targets Thomas and Decker combined have only started 20 games in the last two seasons. Eric Decker didn't start a game last season, and had 6 catches all last year under Kyle Orton. These receivers that Tebow has are second rate receivers and they were second rate before Tebow took over.

Tim Tebow's offensive line sucks too. He only started 11 games, yet he got sacked 33 times. That's why he rushed for over 600 yards because his offensive line doesn't protect him. In the playoff game against the Patriots, he couldn't even drop back before getting blitzed and because the offensive line wouldn't protect him he got sacked 5 times.

In closing, Tim Tebow did a lot with a mediocre team. Despite his offensive line allowing him to be sacked 33 times during the regular season, and not getting any scoring help from running back Willis McGahee, he still turned around a 1-4 team and took them to the playoffs. I dare anyone to challenge this article successfully with FACTS. I'm not saying that Tim Tebow will ever be as good as Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, or Drew Brees. All I'm saying in this post is that Tim Tebow is NOT a bust... end of story.

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Unresolved Storyline: Why did Kane Return With the Mask?

by Brian Phelps

In the latest unresolved storyline from WWE, it has never really been revealed why Kane returned wearing the mask. He just showed up with the mask one day, and never really explained it. I'm glad that Kane is back wearing the mask because I felt that he lost all his aura and mystique after he unmasked; however, I would like a real reason for his masked return. He wasn't injured, burned, beat up or anything. I suspect that we will never get a true explanation though for this masked return. Also, there was no explanation for the entrance mask that he takes off. I'm talking about the one that resembles a welder's mask that he removes, let alone his regular mask. This is an ongoing issue with WWE. They have gotten into quite the habit of never resolving story arcs. Add this to such questions as...

  1. What happened to the Anonymous RAW GM?
  2. What happened to the New Nexus?
  3. Why did the original Nexus help Kane bury the Undertaker alive?
  4. Why did Kevin Nash get into a limousine with John Laurinaitis?
  5. Why didn't CM Punk ever exact revenge on Kevin Nash?
  6. What happened to the 'Conspiracy' story angle?

Feedback can be sent to

How the WWE Bungled the Zack Ryder US Title Loss

by Brian Phelps

Was I the only one who noticed the ridiculous inconsistency of the WWE writing team on Monday night RAW? For those that don't know, I'm referring to Zack Ryder losing the US Championship to Jack Swagger on Monday night. Ryder was forced to defend his US title just one week after the heinous attack by Kane that resulted in Ryder being choke slammed on ply wood outside the arena. After Zack Ryder lost his match and the US title to Jack Swagger it was revealed by John Laurinaitis that Zack Ryder was NOT medically cleared to compete. Despite realizing the "mistake", the decision was not reversed. Here is where the writing inconsistency comes in. About a month ago, Daniel Bryan attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract against Mark Henry. Daniel Bryan won the match and embraced the World Heavyweight Championship, but Theodore Long came out and immediately reversed the decision stating that Mark Henry was not medically cleared to compete and thus the match was declared null and void. Daniel Bryan was forced to give back the World Heavyweight Championship to Mark Henry.

This is what gets irritating about the WWE. There is absolutely ZERO consistency to their writing. Why should Zack Ryder have to sacrifice his title when Mark Henry didn't? The troubling thing about it is that these two story lines are only about a month apart. I'm getting tired of the WWE contradicting themselves creatively. If it's not leaving a storyline completely unresolved then it is two storylines completely contradicting the validity of each other. Jack Swagger should have to give the US title back to Zack Ryder for the same reason that Daniel Bryan had to give the World Heavyweight Championship back to Mark Henry. This is one thing that I can honestly say that TNA does not do and that's a good thing. You won't see this sort of writing goof up on Impact Wrestling.

Watch WWE NXT: January 18, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is Tim Tebow to Blame for Broncos 45-10 Playoff Loss to New England?

by Brian Phelps

Last night, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots humiliated the Denver Broncos in Foxborough 45-10 to send Tim Tebow packing for the off season. So, who's to blame for the Broncos loss? I'm sure most people and analysts (such as Merril Hoge and Stephen A. Smith) are already lining up to run Tebow through the ringer for another lack luster performance. Personally, I don't think this loss was on Tebow. I think this loss was first and foremost on the defense, and then the offensive line of the Denver Broncos. Allow me to explain before you all say I'm crazy.

First of all, that entire game was an indictment of the Denver Broncos defense. The same defense that Merril Hoge claimed was the real reason why the Denver Broncos were winning this season gave up FIVE touchdowns BEFORE half-time! They ended up giving up SIX touchdowns, a field goal, and over 500 yards of total offense. They allowed New England to get 31 First Downs, and complete 50% of Third Down situations. That is beyond pathetic and inexcusable. They had absolutely no answer for Brady and Gronkowski. This whole notion that the Broncos remarkable run was all because of the defense is a JOKE. This is the same defense that started the year 1-4 under Kyle Orton. That's an 80% losing percentage under Kyle Orton, yet somehow when Tim Tebow took over it was all of a sudden that 80% of the time loser defense that was the reason they were winning? It wasn't the 6 game winning drives Tebow had in 4th quarter or OT?

Secondly, Denver's Offensive Line was just awful. They allowed Tim Tebow to get sacked FIVE times and allowed the New England Defense to force a fumble while Tebow was attempting a pass. They just could NOT protect Tebow at all. He was constantly being hurried, and having to scramble out of the pocket all game long.

I also cannot count the number of dropped passes by the Denver receiving corps. True enough, Tim Tebow was only 9 of 26 but how many of those passes were dropped? I would wager that at least 5 to 6 of those passes maybe more were dropped balls.

In closing, it's obvious that the Denver Broncos defense let the game get away before the 2nd quarter was over, and since Denver is not a high scoring offense they didn't stand a chance. Denver just does not match up well with high powered offenses like Detroit and New England. They are better suited for a slug fest against slower to mid-tempo offenses like Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Oakland. The Broncos offensive line did a horrible job protecting Tebow. There is no excuse for allowing your quarterback to be sacked FIVE times. The Broncos offensive and defensive lines were utterly destroyed all game long by the Patriots, and there can't be any Tebow magic if he's getting sacked and hurried the entire game. This game ended about how I expected as the Denver Broncos were simply outgunned as it was Tebow or bust.

The Denver Broncos need to invest in upgrading their Offensive Line, Wide Receivers, and Tight Ends through the draft and free agency. Give Tebow some actual weapons to throw too. Demaryius Thomas has potential, but I would scrap Eric Decker. I mean, does anyone even know who their Tight End or Fullback is? All defenses have to do is double team Demaryius Thomas and stack the line and you can shut down the Broncos. The Broncos have quite possibly the worst receiving group in the league. The Broncos with some better talent around Tim Tebow could become a dangerous team instead of just a wild card.

This season (including playoffs) Tim Tebow went 8-5, Division Title, Playoff Win with 6 game winning drives in 4th Quarter or Overtime and threw 14 TDs, ran for 7 TD, and only threw 6 interceptions, broke playoff records, and upset the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs and all analysts like Merril Hoge and Chris Carter can say to defend against these facts is that he has a 45% completion percentage. I have to go with former Pro Bowl QB Rich Gannon who said "It bothers me when old running backs or old offensive linemen who've become analysts start analyzing the quarterback position. They're not experts at it. They've never played the position. I'm always curious, when they put on the tape, what are they watching? Are they watching footwork? Are they watching mechanics? Are they watching anticipation? Do they understand what the quarterback is told in terms of the progressions, where the read is?"... Give me a break. This young man has more than earned the right to be the starter all next season. 

FAQ: Who is the new Kane?

Many people are wondering who is playing the new masked Kane. The new masked Kane is still being played by wrestler Glenn Jacobs. Glenn Jacobs has always played Kane from the original masked Kane to bald Kane to the new and current masked Kane. Contrary to some rumors, the new Kane is NOT the Undertaker with a mask. Also, TNA wrestler Abyss is NOT the original Kane.

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Is the WWE Setting Zack Ryder Up to Fail?

by Brian Phelps

I am a firm believer that the WWE is setting Zack Ryder up to fail, and allow me to explain to you why. The WWE did not make Zack Ryder. They had NO plans on pushing him, or ever making him into something. The company had saddled him with a stupid typical jobbers gimmick and gave up on him. He was quickly on his way to joining Chris Masters and Vladimir Kozlov on the future endeavored list, but Zack Ryder did something about it. He launched Z! True Long Island Story on Youtube and became an internet sensation seemingly overnight. This is not what the WWE wanted, but his popularity reached such a point that they could no longer continue to ignore him. When fans are holding Zack Ryder signs all over the arena even though he's not even on the card the WWE had no choice but to take a second look at him. His popularity reached such a fever pitch that they had to put the spotlight on him. So they finally decided to put the U.S. title on him.

You'd think that this meant the company was officially sold on Zack Ryder. WRONG. I believe this was the beginning of the WWE setting Zack up to fail as U.S. Champion. They basically thought "Hey, let's throw him out there and as soon as he flops and proves he's not the ratings draw everyone thinks he is we can get over this Zack Ryder fad and move on". Ever since he won the U.S. title he's been being booked and written pathetically. I believe they are doing this to sabotage his segments so he'll flop. The RAW after he won the U.S. title he was put in a main event six-man tag match teaming with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to take on Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, and The Miz. When this main event was a ratings flop it was reportedly blamed on Zack Ryder. The truth is I didn't want to watch Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, and the Miz. It had nothing to do with Zack Ryder. The fact is that six-man tag matches are boring and meaningless, and that's why people tuned out. They haven't been cool to watch since the '90s when you always had six main event guys. You could have Triple H, Kane, and Mankind take on The Rock, Stone Cold, and Undertaker because they were all popular main eventers.

Then this past Monday on RAW, Zack Ryder's main segment reportedly lost 544,000 viewers. What they don't tell you is that he was written into a silly, long, and drawn out segment with Kane. They had Kane stalking Zack Ryder which made little sense as Kane is supposed to be feuding with John Cena, so why they had him spend two hours stalking Zack Ryder was baffling. They were trying to emulate a horror flick by having Ryder and Eve on the run from Kane, but it was stupid when you had Zack Ryder trying to change a tire before Kane found him. It was stupid having the camera on Ryder fiddling with a tire iron for 2 minutes straight as Eve would say "Hurry Zack!" about every 15 seconds. It started out as alright, but quickly became long and drawn out. The longer they showed Ryder fiddling with a tire iron trying to change the flat tire as Eve shrieked the dumber this segment became. It was goofy and ridiculous.

Zack Ryder deserves better. Why aren't they focusing on building up arguably the most popular U.S. Champion since Diamond Dallas Page? Instead, they're using Zack Ryder as meaningless bait in the Kane/Cena feud? By using him as fish food for Kane, they are portraying him as weak, helpless, and unimportant. You're telling me that the United States Champion runs for his life from a fight?

The fact is the ratings drop was clearly not Zack Ryder's fault. When Chris Jericho had the hottest return and hype in years a week ago, and this past Monday his 2nd appearance reportedly lost 130,000 viewers then the problem is obviously not the wrestlers. It's creative's fault because they're writing extremely popular wrestlers into stupid segments that the fans aren't interested in. 

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

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CHIKARA Event Center (1.12.12)

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Z! True Long Island Story Episode # 46

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