Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WWE's "Are You Serious?" Distorts Truth Regarding WCW Again

by Brian Phelps

On the Nov. 11th edition of WWE's popular "Are You Serious?" youtube show, Road Dogg and Josh Matthews took the WCW to task for having Jay Leno wrestle a match for them. Now, why the WWE is bashing WCW for having Jay Leno wrestle for them is beyond me considering they've had far lesser stars wrestle for them (RECENTLY I might add). As far as I'm concerned, the WWE are the last ones who should be making fun of WCW for that.

How is a company that had D-listers like Seth Green and Maria Menounos, and reality stars like Snooki wrestling matches for them going to say anything about WCW having Jay Leno wrestle? I'm sorry, but if memory serves me correct at least Jay Leno is a LEGIT celebrity and not some D-List actor or fly by night reality tv star. Also, Jay Leno at the time was the king of late night television and this story and the publicity it generated was a huge deal at the time.

In WCW's defense, at least Jay Leno fighting is more believable than when WWE had 85 year old Bob Barker beat down Chavo Guerrero. They allowed one of their wrestlers to get buried by 85 year old Bob Barker so no offense, but WWE are the last ones who should be opening their mouth about WCW utilizing Jay Leno. I just get tired of WWE trying to act like WCW was some piece of trash company that never did anything right. Truth is, WWE has produced a product over the last couple of years that's just as bad as anything WCW ever did. They may be able to convince these younger kids who never watched WCW that it sucked and was one big joke, but anyone who was around then knows different.

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