Monday, July 25, 2011

Mark Henry Has Been Dominating... Who Cares?

Over the last month or so, Mark Henry has been on a path of destruction in the WWE... decimating Kane, the Big Show, and terrorizing WWE Officials. He smashed the Big Show through the side of a steel cage, but man who the heck cares? We all know that it's nothing but a fluke. We all know Mark Henry will never be WWE Champion. He is to this generation what Bam Bam Bigelow was to the '90s and King Kong Bundy was to the '80s... just a big menacing guy that's only there to look threatening but never actually amount to anything. This isn't the first time Mark Henry has been pushed. They pushed him back in 2006 when he was feuding with Undertaker and Batista. WWE only pushes Mark Henry when there is a lack of main event heels on Smackdown. He's just put in every once in awhile basically for filler.. to make it look like there are more main event heels then there really are. Whenever they get another main event heel or two, he'll be back to being VERY mid-card. Does the WWE really think we forgot that Mark Henry spent a decade being a big jobber before he was ever pushed? If you really think we believe Mark Henry as a dominant wrestler... yeah right. Pretty soon he'll be back to losing to dudes like Evan Bourne, with the occasional "King Kong vs Godzilla" confrontation with Kane or Big Show during a battle royal.

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