Pro Wrestling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions in Pro Wrestling
This is a list of frequently asked questions in pro wrestling. So, if you have a question and you're too scared to ask your friends because you know they'll totally make fun of you for not knowing an obvious fact then check down below and it may already be answered. If you have a question and you don't see the answer down below feel free to e-mail your question to and we'll post the answer to it here.

  1. Who came up with the Elimination Chamber in WWE?
  2. What is the name of Ric Flair's theme song?
  3. Who sings AJ Styles new theme song?
  4. Is Abyss and Mankind the same person?
  5. Is Abyss the old Kane?
  6. Are Abyss and Rhino the same wrestler?
  7. Who are The Authority in WWE?
  8. Who Broke Ryback's Undefeated Streak?
  9. Was John Cena really a Marine or Military?
  10. Is The Undertaker really dead?
  11. Who are 3MB in WWE?
  12. Who were The Radicalz in the WWF (WWE)?
  13. Who are The Shield in WWE?
  14. Who is Brad Armstrong?
  15. Who was The Zodiac in WCW?
  16. Is 'King Mo' Lawal the first to do MMA and Pro Wrestling at the same time?
  17. Is Sting dead?
  18. Why did Edge retire from pro wrestling?
  19. Who were The Corre in the WWE?
  20. Who were the X-Factor in the WWF (WWE)?
  21. Are Triple H and Stephanie McMahon really married?
  22. Who were The Jersey Triad in WCW?
  23. Is Eugene really Eric Bischoff's nephew?
  24. Are the Undertaker and Kane brothers?
  25. Who were The Insiders in WCW?
  26. Who Broke Lord Tensai's Undefeated Streak?
  27. Who Broke Brodus Clay's Undefeated Streak?
  28. Who is the new Mistico?
  29. Is Joseph Park and Abyss the Same Person?
  30. Who Broke Vladimir Kozlov's Undefeated Streak?
  31. Who Were the Magnificent Seven in WCW?
  32. Who Broke Mr. Perfect's Undefeated Streak?
  33. Is Jake "The Snake" Roberts Dead?
  34. Is King Kong Bundy Dead?
  35. Is Vince McMahon really the owner of WWE?
  36. Where can I buy pro wrestling merchandise online?
  37. Who Broke Crimson's Undefeated Streak?
  38. Who Broke Goldberg's Original Undefeated Streak?
  39. Who Broke Goldberg's 2nd Undefeated Streak?
  40. Was Ultimate Warrior and the Renegade the Same Person?
  41. Was Ultimate Warrior and Texas Tornado the Same Person?
  42. Was there more than one Ultimate Warrior?
  43. Is the Ultimate Warrior dead?
  44. Why won't Sting work for Vince McMahon and the WWE?
  45. Who is the new Kane?
  46. Where can I watch full episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling online?
  47. How many Sin Cara's are there?
  48. Is the Big Show Andre the Giant's son? Are Big Show and Andre the Giant related?