Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is CM Punk a One Hit Wonder?

by Brian Phelps

On WWE RAW this past Monday, John Cena told CM Punk that if he loses at Summerslam that he'll be "...nothing more than a loud mouth, one hit wonder". Let's examine this comment. Whether or not CM Punk loses at Summerslam 2011, is he a One Hit Wonder as John Cena claims? The answer is a resounding NO. CM Punk is NOT a one hit wonder. This is what I really dislike about John Cena. CM Punk is right about John. Cena is condescending, and it really comes off like John Cena thinks he is above CM Punk. Let's take a look at CM Punk's in-ring accolades as of today shall we?

  1. 1-time WWE Champion (current)
  2. 3-time World Heavyweight Champion
  3. 1-time ECW Champion in WWE
  4. 1-time Intercontinental Champion
  5. 1-time World Tag Team Champion (with Kofi Kingston)
  6. 2008 Money in the Bank Winner
  7. 2009 Money in the Bank Winner
  8. WWE Triple Crown Champion
  9. * The only superstar to win MITB twice in a row
Having accomplished all this, how on earth could Cena possibly claim that CM Punk is a one hit wonder? I didn't even count his accomplishments in Ring of Honor, where he was a World Heavyweight Champion and 2-time Tag Team Champion. How can a 4-time WWE Heavyweight Champion be a one hit wonder? Even if Cena was talking strictly in terms of epic moments, CM Punk has had his share. From taking over The Nexus, to the Straight Edge Society... Punk has had his share of memorable moments. Let's take a look at some of CM Punk's Greatest Hits.

1. CM Punk Comes Out Dressed as Jeff Hardy

2. CM Punk Appears on Top of the Titantron

3. CM Punk Takes Over the Nexus

4. CM Punk's Straight Edge Society Debuts

5. CM Punk Returns as Cult of Personality

6. CM Punk Cuts Instant Classic Promo "Punk Goes Off Script"

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