Thursday, January 30, 2014

FAQ: Is Abyss and Mankind the Same Person?

Answer: No. Abyss and Mankind are played by two different people. 

FAQ: Is Abyss the Old Kane?

Answer: No. Abyss is not the old Kane, and never was. Abyss and Kane are played by two different people. 

FAQ: Is Abyss and Rhino the Same Person?

Answer: No. Abyss and Rhino are not the same wrestler.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Complete List of 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

The Ultimate Warrior

Jake "The Snake" Roberts


Paul Bearer

Carlos Colon

Razor Ramon (Scott Hall)

List of 2014 WWE Pay-Per-View Theme Songs

Official WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Theme Song (2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa "We Own It")

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wrestler's Way presents... The Irish Whip - January 25, 2014

by Brian Phelps

NEWS: Mae Young passes away. 

The Irish Whip: Rest in Peace to the late Mae Young. She gave us a lot of memories, and she stands as one of the positive examples of someone who made pro wrestling a career and lived a long healthy life. She seemed to be loved by all generations. That Dudley bomb she took off the stage at nearly 80 years old was amazing, and makes the modern day divas look pathetic and too afraid to take real bumps. 

NEWS: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus being discussed for Wrestlemania XXX (Would be 3rd time fighting at Wrestlemania in 4 years)

The Irish Whip: I think this is a terrible idea. This would be the 3rd time these two faced off in 4 years at Wrestlemania. They fought over the US Title at Wrestlemania 27 in a match that WWE heavily advertised only to turn it into a dark match at the last second thus falsely advertising to anyone who bought the PPV to see that match (and got away with it under the "card subject to change" scapegoat). Then they fought at Wrestlemania 28 in the disgraceful 18 second match where Sheamus (who still isn't over as a main eventer I might add) defeated Bryan. To do this match a 3rd time would be pathetic and I would actually reconsider buying Wrestlemania. 

NEWS: Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker being discussed for Wrestlemania XXX.

The Irish Whip: I saw this feud in 2003, and I don't want to see it again with an Undertaker who looks more frail and past his prime with each passing year. The last time we saw Undertaker, he had a stomach pooch and was getting obliterated by The Shield. I don't want to see him at nearly 50 years old being forced to live up to his 2003 feud with Lesnar. Undertaker needs to fight guys who make his victory look believable. You can't expect me to believe that Brock Lesnar, fresh off a run as UFC Champion, would lose to a nearly 50 year old guy with a pooch and a mohawk wearing makeup. I'm sorry I just can't buy that. Undertaker needs to fight guys like Sting or John Cena. Besides, what's with all the re-run matches at Wrestlemania? Remember when Wrestlemania matches were never rematches and always fresh? 

NEWS: Batista returns to RAW wearing skinny jeans and a track suit and gets a modest crowd reaction. 

The Irish Whip: I was actually kind of shocked by the lukewarm crowd response to the massively hyped return of Batista. I know it doesn't seem like it's been that long since we've seen Batista, but still. Batista is a much needed addition to a roster in desperate need of main eventers. Also, was I the only one that thought Batista looked silly in those skinny jeans? I mean... skinny jeans are not for 6'3" hulking monsters. They're for skateboarders, Kevin Bacon, emo kids, and Lil Wayne. 

NEWS: Sting leaves Impact Wrestling and is rumored for Wrestlemania XXX.

The Irish Whip: Whatever Sting decides, he will be respected. Sting is a class act. In his going out match at TNA, he used it to elevate Magnus. He's done all he can to help TNA, and even if he goes to WWE at this stage of his career he'll still be remembered as the one man who never needed WWE to solidify his legacy. It would be nice to see Sting go to WWE for a year long run, and take on John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, etc. I'd love it. Who wouldn't. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Did You Know... Psycho Sid's Son Was On CBS's Big Brother?

Yes, it's true. WWE Legend Psycho Sid's son Frank Eudy was a contestant in Big Brother 14. Frank proved to be an absolute physical beast as he at one time shared a Big Brother record for being nominated for elimination 6 times as he kept overcoming the odds to avoid elimination.

Wrestler's Way presents... The Irish Whip - January 18, 2014

by Brian Phelps

NEWS: Ultimate Warrior to be inducted the the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame

The Irish Whip: It's about time. The WWE has tried to defame, embarass, and crap on the Ultimate Warrior for almost 20 years. Now, the WWE has done a complete 180 and is embracing the Ultimate Warrior randomly. Part of me feels like they are only embracing guys like Ultimate Warrior now because they're running out of "Box Office" Caliber Hall of Fame candidates. In case anyone forgot or didn't know, the WWE in 2005 put out a dvd title "The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" that was nothing but a 2 hour parade of WWE Legends and weirdly guys who didn't even work with Warrior (Edge/Christian) slandering and defaming the Ultimate Warrior as a wrestler and a person. I've been amazed by the fact that despite years of WWE going out of their way to bury the legacy of the Ultimate Warrior, the Warrior's place in wrestling history is quite secure. Warrior made more of an impact (no pun intended) over a 4 year span from 1988-1992 then most WWE Legends did in 20 years. This was one attempt by WWE to re-write history that lucky for us, failed. 

NEWS: WWE Diva Kaitlyn was released. 

The Irish Whip: I have mixed feelings about Kaitlyns release. They tried to give her a push for awhile, but I always noticed that the crowd never seemed to be quite sold on her. So then they rehashed the "Piggy James" angle from a few years ago (LayCool belittled Mickie James as overweight and manly), only this time with AJ Lee playing the part of LayCool and Kaitlyn playing the role of Mickie James. I'm sure she'll bounce back, and I wouldn't be surprised to see her in TNA. 

NEWS: AJ Styles loses title unification match to Magnus, and then leaves TNA for real. 

The Irish Whip: AJ Styles losing the title unification match to Magnus was the dumbest write off I've ever seen. It makes TNA look like a total joke to have AJ Styles walk out with the world title and spend about 2 months sticking it to Dixie Carter by successfully defending it in Mexico and Japan only to come back to TNA and lose the belt immediately to Magnus (a lower tier star). Especially given that AJ Styles defeated Magnus to win the BFG Series. What was the point of having him go around the world only to come back and be unceremoniously put away by Magnus? Can you imagine if Stone Cold in the lead up to Wrestlemania 14, after enduring all the punishment by Vince McMahon and D-X, went into Wrestlemania and lost to Shawn Michaels? Can you imagine in 1997, if Sting had gone after hiding in the rafters and building that angle for almost a year, came back at Starrcade to fight "Hollywood" Hogan and lost? It would've made absolutely NO SENSE. This AJ Styles situation was a perfect example of the politics of contract negotiations negatively impacting the on-screen product. TNA was obviously certain AJ Styles was going to take their contract deal otherwise they wouldn't have invested so much into that AJ Styles walk out storyline only to have it end as the biggest storyline dud in years.