Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unresolved TNA Storyline: What Happened to Winter's Supernatural Relationship with Angelina Love?

by Brian Phelps

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that TNA just dropped the whole Winter "Supernatural" gimmick with Angelina Love? When Winter debuted no one could see her except for Angelina Love. Angelina would only see her in mirrors. Winter also implied that she knew Angelina Love even though Angelina claimed to have no idea who Winter was. She was almost implying that Angelina and her were reincarnated lovers from a past life. She then began controlling Angelina with drinks she called Angelina's "medicine". Eventually, Angelina told Winter she didn't need the drinks anymore because she understood Winter. Fast forward to the present and now Winter and Angelina are normal. TNA dropped the "Supernatural" angle without explaining it. Were Winter and Angelina lovers from a past life? Were they lovers from years ago? Was Winter lying? Or, did Angelina lie when she said she didn't know who Winter was? Why did Winter start presumably drugging Angelina? How come originally no one could see Winter except Angelina?

It's frustrating because this was probably the most complex and compelling storyline in the history of women's wrestling, and the most interesting storyline on Impact Wrestling until they just dropped it with no explanation. I loved Angelina Love's "Early '90s Undertaker" rip off gimmick to go along with it all. It was a great storyline that just fizzled out with no explanation. I hope TNA rekindles this storyline and reveals more backstory on Winter and her relationship with Angelina.


  1. Torrance WilliamsJuly 8, 2012 at 9:56 AM

    I have to agree that this was one of the most complex and interesting storylines in wrestling. I believe that either TNA ran out of ideas on which direction to take the story or maybe they got some type of negative feedback about Winter drugging Angelina which was causing her to follow her. A lot of videos of the matches and sketches from that period are on YouTube and it was a very good storyline. There is also a comment on one of the matches that suggests that there may have been a harder turn in the storyline that both performers rejected, which could also explain why they just let it die out. TNA let a goldmine slip right out of there hands.

  2. i think that it was just a way to break up the beautiful people. nothing more nothing less. i think angelina might have lied and her and winter were in it together from the beginning. velvet mentioned in an interview months later that angelina and winter blindsided her. basically revealing that angelina knew about this before winter even debuted. maybe when the beautiful people reunited, angelina thought "why should i forgive this bitch im gonna screw with her" there are still many ways of looking at this.

  3. The storyline was dropped because Bruce Pritchard took over TNA creative. Pritchard didn't use Winter at all for a year and then quietly let her contract expire. He hasn't done much with the Knockouts and clearly doesn't see them as a major part of his plans.

    If Vince Russo stayed in charge in TNA, this storyline would have had a conclusion.

  4. Pritchard is a dick head for doing that shit!