Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Does Triple H Have to Steal Everyone's Thunder?

by Brian Phelps

One thing I've grown aware of when watching wrestling is Triple H's tendency to steal people's thunder. Triple H always seems to know how to make everything about Triple H. Now, I'm a Triple H fan myself. He's not my favorite wrestler of all-time, but I've always generally liked him in spite of all the reported backstage politics. I've just noticed over time that Triple H somehow always manages to make everything about him. It's like he has to "one up" everyone else. I'll give you a few examples. 

You all remember this past Summer when CM Punk was on fire, and Kevin Nash screwed him out of the WWE title at Summerslam right? Do you also remember how Triple H somehow spun the beef between Kevin Nash and CM Punk into Triple H defending his wife's honor from CM Punk's derogatory comments? Somehow he turned a beef that had nothing to do with him into a story about Triple H defending his manhood to CM Punk. 
Then there's the Undertaker feud. Shawn Michaels put on two of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever, and came the closest to ending the Undertaker's streak. Of course, Triple H decides he has to "one up" Shawn Michaels. He can't let Shawn be the closest to beating the Undertaker. HE has to be the closest one to beating the Undertaker. If Shawn Michaels took the Undertaker to the limit then Triple H has to leave the Undertaker unable to leave under his own power. If Shawn Michaels fights the Undertaker twice, then Triple H has to fight the Undertaker THREE TIMES! It can't just be a regular match like Shawn Michaels first match with the Undertaker. It has to be a "No Holds Barred" match. If Shawn puts his career on the line in the second match, then Triple H has to have "Hell in a Cell" for his second match. Triple H always has to outshine everyone. It seems like he can't let people have their moment without interjecting himself. Now, I do think that Triple H made sense to fight the Undertaker last year since the Undertaker retired his best friend. HOWEVER, their feud last year wasn't even about Undertaker retiring his best friend. It was about Undertaker and Triple H being the last ones left from the Attitude Era. Triple H said himself last year that the "streak" was all he had left. So, once again it wasn't even about defending the honor of his best friend Shawn. It was about Triple H wanting to get the only accolade that was left for him to attain. It was about ego. 

Even if you go back a couple of years, it's the same thing. When Shawn Michaels beat John Cena cleanly on RAW after Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 in that hour long epic, Triple H couldn't let it fly. Despite the fact that Triple H lost to John Cena multiple times in the past, he had to beat John Cena clean at Night of Champions 2008. 

Now, I could obviously be wrong about Triple H. Maybe all of it is just a coincidence, but maybe it's not. Over the years it just seems like Triple H has a history of trying to "one up" other people. It just seems like he has a way of making everything about him. 

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