Saturday, December 14, 2013

TNA Plot Hole: Why Didn't Rockstar Spud Use GPS to Find Gainesville, Georgia?

On the 12-12-2013 edition of Impact Wrestling, Rockstar Spud was sent by Dixie Carter to Gainesville, Georgia to find AJ Styles and retrieve the TNA World Title. As Rockstar Spud is driving he is holding a map and claiming to be lost and unable to find Gainesville, Georgia.

What doesn't make sense: Why doesn't Rockstar Spud just use a GPS? What's even more stupid is that at one point he is talking to Dixie Carter while he is on his way. I'm assuming he was using smartphone which should have GPS (pretty much all smartphones do now) since he works for a multi-million dollar wrestling company with an internationally televised tv show. Even if his phone didn't have GPS are you telling me that TNA can't afford a 75 dollar GPS? This is the year 2013. Everyone has a GPS. So why is Rockstar Spud acting like it's 1994? This segment was a complete insult to the viewer's intelligence. 

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