Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flashback of the Day: Sting Cuts a Classic Promo in Preparation for Slammiversary

In this flashback of the day, we see the Stinger cut another classic promo for TNA in preparation for the Slammiversary PPV. I keep going back to Sting promos for these flashbacks of the day, because I think people tend to forget how great and under rated Sting is at cutting promos. Stings charisma is unmatched in pro wrestling by anyone but the Rock when it comes to promos. This is also for the newer generation wrestling fans, who have never really seen Sting cut any promos and think that The Miz or John Cena cuts great promos. Gimme a break. Stinger is one of the all-time great mic workers, along with The Rock and Ric Flair.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Flashback Theme of the Day: Curt Hennig TNA Theme

I thought I would spot light a TNA theme, since TNA's themes are widely unknown... especially from their early years. Most people pan TNA's themes as being generic, but every once in awhile a gem comes along and Curt Hennig's TNA theme was one of them. Enjoy!

Flashback of the Day: WCW Starrcade 97 Promo

This is to this day, one of the greatest PPV promos I have ever seen. This felt closer to a movie trailer, than a PPV promo. In less than a minute, this promo told a story without ever saying a word. This is yet another example of what wrestling has the potential to be. It's promos like this that made the now legendary Sting vs Hogan encounter that much more amazing. Enjoy!