Thursday, April 28, 2011

Vince Scared to Pull the Trigger on the Cena Machine

by Brian Phelps

Well, it's draft time again. I'm usually not overly excited about the draft each year because they normally don't move anyone that matters and if they do... they usually go back to their brand after a month anyway. This year though, the draft started off with a bang... or so we thought. John Cena was drafted from RAW to Smackdown in a shocking moment that no one saw coming. I thought this was great as it would truly shake things up instead of claiming big things and falling short. This draft really delivered... until the end when Cena was drafted back to RAW... essentially wasting two draft picks. What was the point of even teasing it? This is another example of WWE having a great idea, but then turning around and being too scared to pull the trigger. It's like when Cena "joined" the Nexus. Now had he really joined and turned heel it would have been the biggest heel turn in 15 years and would truly shake the foundation of WWE to its core. Instead, he was nothing more than usual Cena forced to wear a Nexus shirt. He was just a slave to the Nexus, which was really lame. The storyline became boring at that point and seemed to drag on for months. The thing is, Vince McMahon is so scared to tamper with the Cena Money Making Machine that he refuses to do whats good for the product. In other words, Cena sells so much merchandise as a face that Vince is afraid to turn Cena heel because he might take a dip in merchandise sales. It's the same reason they won't turn Mysterio heel. He sells too many masks. WWE has gotten so corporate over the last 5 years its not even funny. Vince is trying to milk the Cena Machine for every penny he can get. Same with Mysterio. It's become less about bettering the product, and more about milking every cent he can and running an idea into the ground until no one cares and the well runs dry... and by that time it's too late to better the product because we stopped caring about that particular superstar. 

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