Monday, October 31, 2011

OOPS! WWE Airs Survivor Series Commercial Advertising The Rock Before John Cena Chose The Rock as His Partner

In recent news, John Cena chose The Rock last week on RAW as his tag team partner to face The Miz and R-Truth at Survivor Series 2011 in what was supposed to be a mega surprise. However in waiting for the Rock's "yes or no" answer, the funny thing about this is that WWE was airing commercials advertising The Rock's return to action at Survivor Series before last weeks RAW even hit the airwaves thus spoiling the announcement later made by John Cena. They were also airing The Rock commercials DURING the broadcast BEFORE the John Cena segment. Even funnier than that, is that WWE is making a big spectacle out of whether or not The Rock will accept John Cena's invitation to be his tag partner at Survivor Series. Hello WWE, you already revealed that he's going to be there. I'm baffled by this, since they already aired commercials saying the Rock will be wrestling at Survivor Series yet they are making some big "will he, won't he" charade out of it. Basically, the story line hasn't caught up to the commercials. Why would you spoil a huge return, and then act like you didn't? It leads me to wonder whether it was done purposely or not. Surely it couldn't have been done on purpose, otherwise John Cena wouldn't have acted like it was some Earth shattering surprise. They were probably left with no way to write it off, so they just went ahead with it any way.

One thing to note, WWE aired the commercial on their wwefanation youtube channel before RAW aired... but apparently they took the commercial off and re-uploaded it after WWE RAW went off last Monday in an effort to cover up their blunder. However, another youtube account had the commercial upload date on their page as 10-23-2011 which is the day before that RAW aired which still proves me correct that the WWE bungled The Rock's return.

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