Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Chavo Guerrero Going to TNA?

by Brian Phelps (

Chavo Guerrero was granted his release by the WWE recently after being with the company for almost a decade. To the new generation of wrestling fans, Chavo Guerrero was nothing but a joke because of the WWE. He's been a jobber for years now. From being embarrassed in a several month long losing end of a feud with Hornswoggle, to being Edge and Vickie Guerrero's "gopher". Chavo Guerrero has been being squashed, buried, and embarrassed by WWE for years. It wasn't always this way though. At one time, Chavo Guerrero was one of the premier cruiserweights in the world, and was one half of arguably the last legitimately great tag team in WWE History-- Los Guerreros (which spawned Eddie Guerrero's legendary "Lie, Cheat, Steal" gimmick). After Eddie Guerrero died, they teased a Chavo push, but then depushed him in favor of using Rey Mysterio for the famous "Divine Intervention" story line where Eddie Guerrero was spiritually carrying Rey to the top of the company from the heavens in what was WWE's version of 'Angels in the Outfield'. After Rey was chosen over him Chavo has gone nowhere but down hill as a serious contender.

So now the question is Chavo Guerrero going to TNA? It would be a fresh start, not to mention his uncle Hector Guerrero works there on Spanish commentary. Chavo could restore his honor, and add a lot to either the X-Division or Television Title divisions. I could imagine the fantastic match-ups he could have against guys like Kaz or AJ Styles. He could also be a familiar face to help Hernandez get over more. Chavo has family, friends, and better opportunities there. I'm pretty confident that Chavo will go to TNA at some point.

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  1. Well said, Chavo is still one of the greats, the WWE just didn't give him a chance. I hope he does go to "IMPACT wrestling" hopefully they will use him for things other than jobbing.