Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TNA's Masked Wrestlers Look So Low Budget

by Brian Phelps (http://wrestlersway.blogspot.com)

Well... it's official... Sangriento sucks. TNA's (I'm sorry... Impact Wrestling) attempt to answer WWE's Sin Cara has been an epic fail. Sangriento's costume looks so low budget. So does Suicide for that matter. Sangriento's costume looks like something some elementary school kids put together. On top of that, you can clearly see the seam on the top of the mask (which makes it look so cheap). Look at Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara's outfits... heck... just their masks. Look at any luchadores from Mexico. There are no visible seams on the top of the head. It just looks really cheaply made. It looks like someone who doesn't know the first thing about lucha libre outfits was asked to go outside their comfort zone. Then on top of that, you have Amazing Red playing the role of Sangriento. You guys look pretty silly trying to pass off an American high flyer as a Mexican style high flyer. His moves don't even look lucha libre lol. Amazing Red is one of the best in the world... but don't make a complete joke out of him. Message to Impact Wrestling... if you're going to have an answer to WWE on something... at least make it worthy. You want to be the Kickboxer to their Bloodsport, or the Mortal Kombat to their Street Fighter. Instead you've become the Krull to their Star Wars. A weak wannabe imitation. 

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  1. LOL, i agree, the mask are cheaply made, not to mention your point about "Amazing Red" being passed as a lucha. But all that aside, that finisher was pretty cool. I think its funny how they tried to come up with something mexican sounding like "Sangriento", to counter "Sin Cara".