Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WWE Unresolved Storyline: Why Did The Nexus Help Kane Bury the Undertaker Alive at Bragging Rights 2010 PPV?

by Brian Phelps

Since WWE has been getting worse and worse about never resolving storylines, I'm going to start calling them out on stories that were never resolved. I'm going to start calling them out on false advertising. Basically, I'm going to hold them to their words. So every time they don't resolve a story arc I'm going to post on it. I'm going to take you all back to WWE Bragging Rights 2010.

At this pay-per-view, Kane and the Undertaker faced off in a Buried Alive match. If you all remember toward the end of the match, the original Nexus interfered and helped Kane to bury the Undertaker alive. The Nexus interfering made absolutely no sense because they had no beef with either wrestler, and there was no storyline between the Nexus and Kane or Undertaker. So why did they interfere? Why did they help Kane defeat the Undertaker? Well, Wade Barrett came out later and simply said "We have our reasons". So, it was believed that this was going to lead to some sort of crossover storyline between Nexus and Undertaker/Kane. Well, it didn't. In fact, nothing was ever mentioned of it ever again. The WWE simply expected us to forget that the Nexus helped Kane bury Undertaker. This is another story arc that the WWE never resolved and expects us just to forget it ever happened.

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