Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why the Kevin Nash "Cell Phone" Angle Still Makes No Sense

By Brian Phelps

Maybe it's just me, but one thing that still makes no sense to me is the whole Kevin Nash "cell phone" story line. We all remember how the legendary "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash returned in shocking fashion at Summerslam and attacked CM Punk. Big Kev claimed that he got a text from COO Triple H telling him to "stick the winner" of the Punk/Cena title unification match. As the story progressed; however, we later discovered that Kevin Nash had actually lied about receiving that text from Triple H. Nash came clean by admitting that he broke into Triple H's office and commandeered The Game's mobile phone in order to send a text message to himself saying to "stick the winner" of the CM Punk/John Cena title match. Ok this is where it gets confusing. So... you're telling me that Kevin Nash broke into the COO's office to send a text message to himself?... Why? What was the point? Oh, wait. They never explained what the point was to Nash doing that lol.

Now, it's already ridiculous enough that WWE expects me to believe that the Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar entertainment company would just leave his personal cell phone lying around his office and not keep it on his person. Second, how would Nash know that Triple H left his phone in his office in the first place? Third, how did anyone not see a seven foot guy with a pony tail breaking into the boss's office? Also, why would Nash get so mad about CM Punk talking about Triple H's wife, but did nothing when Sheamus hit Triple H with a pipe a couple of years ago? or when Orton was punting Triple H's family members in the head? So much of this just seemed goofy and completely out of character for Kevin Nash. It came off way too forced, scripted, and unnatural.

Funny thing is, to this day no one really knows Nash's actual motives or why he really did all of that. It was a story line that really went no where, and culminated in nothing. CM Punk NEVER exacted revenge or anything. In fact, it's almost as if WWE completely forgot that CM Punk had an intense hatred and beef with Kevin Nash. I mean c'mon. Kevin Nash costed CM Punk the WWE Championship at Summerslam, and he NEVER got revenge. It was just forgotten about. It was completely swept under the rug lol. Another example of a WWE story line that was never resolved. Add the Nash cell phone/CM Punk feud angle to the Anonymous RAW GM, and Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 23 title rematch that never took place (If you all remember, it was billed as Cena/Michaels 3) in the pantheon of stories that were just forgotten about.

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  1. lol, I thought I was the only person who noticed that that angle made absolutely no sense XD