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"All He Does Is Lin" DJ Steve Porter Remix

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Why Does Triple H Have to Steal Everyone's Thunder?

by Brian Phelps

One thing I've grown aware of when watching wrestling is Triple H's tendency to steal people's thunder. Triple H always seems to know how to make everything about Triple H. Now, I'm a Triple H fan myself. He's not my favorite wrestler of all-time, but I've always generally liked him in spite of all the reported backstage politics. I've just noticed over time that Triple H somehow always manages to make everything about him. It's like he has to "one up" everyone else. I'll give you a few examples. 

You all remember this past Summer when CM Punk was on fire, and Kevin Nash screwed him out of the WWE title at Summerslam right? Do you also remember how Triple H somehow spun the beef between Kevin Nash and CM Punk into Triple H defending his wife's honor from CM Punk's derogatory comments? Somehow he turned a beef that had nothing to do with him into a story about Triple H defending his manhood to CM Punk. 
Then there's the Undertaker feud. Shawn Michaels put on two of the greatest Wrestlemania matches ever, and came the closest to ending the Undertaker's streak. Of course, Triple H decides he has to "one up" Shawn Michaels. He can't let Shawn be the closest to beating the Undertaker. HE has to be the closest one to beating the Undertaker. If Shawn Michaels took the Undertaker to the limit then Triple H has to leave the Undertaker unable to leave under his own power. If Shawn Michaels fights the Undertaker twice, then Triple H has to fight the Undertaker THREE TIMES! It can't just be a regular match like Shawn Michaels first match with the Undertaker. It has to be a "No Holds Barred" match. If Shawn puts his career on the line in the second match, then Triple H has to have "Hell in a Cell" for his second match. Triple H always has to outshine everyone. It seems like he can't let people have their moment without interjecting himself. Now, I do think that Triple H made sense to fight the Undertaker last year since the Undertaker retired his best friend. HOWEVER, their feud last year wasn't even about Undertaker retiring his best friend. It was about Undertaker and Triple H being the last ones left from the Attitude Era. Triple H said himself last year that the "streak" was all he had left. So, once again it wasn't even about defending the honor of his best friend Shawn. It was about Triple H wanting to get the only accolade that was left for him to attain. It was about ego. 

Even if you go back a couple of years, it's the same thing. When Shawn Michaels beat John Cena cleanly on RAW after Wrestlemania 23 in 2007 in that hour long epic, Triple H couldn't let it fly. Despite the fact that Triple H lost to John Cena multiple times in the past, he had to beat John Cena clean at Night of Champions 2008. 

Now, I could obviously be wrong about Triple H. Maybe all of it is just a coincidence, but maybe it's not. Over the years it just seems like Triple H has a history of trying to "one up" other people. It just seems like he has a way of making everything about him. 

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Unresolved TNA Storyline: What Happened to Winter's Supernatural Relationship with Angelina Love?

by Brian Phelps

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that TNA just dropped the whole Winter "Supernatural" gimmick with Angelina Love? When Winter debuted no one could see her except for Angelina Love. Angelina would only see her in mirrors. Winter also implied that she knew Angelina Love even though Angelina claimed to have no idea who Winter was. She was almost implying that Angelina and her were reincarnated lovers from a past life. She then began controlling Angelina with drinks she called Angelina's "medicine". Eventually, Angelina told Winter she didn't need the drinks anymore because she understood Winter. Fast forward to the present and now Winter and Angelina are normal. TNA dropped the "Supernatural" angle without explaining it. Were Winter and Angelina lovers from a past life? Were they lovers from years ago? Was Winter lying? Or, did Angelina lie when she said she didn't know who Winter was? Why did Winter start presumably drugging Angelina? How come originally no one could see Winter except Angelina?

It's frustrating because this was probably the most complex and compelling storyline in the history of women's wrestling, and the most interesting storyline on Impact Wrestling until they just dropped it with no explanation. I loved Angelina Love's "Early '90s Undertaker" rip off gimmick to go along with it all. It was a great storyline that just fizzled out with no explanation. I hope TNA rekindles this storyline and reveals more backstory on Winter and her relationship with Angelina.

Skrillex "Bangarang" [Official Music Video]

Here is the new music video by the artist that brought you the song from the WWE Network commercial.

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Official Nexus WWE Theme Song (12 Stones - We Are One)

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How the WWE Dropped the Ball With CM Punk

by Brian Phelps

CM Punk set the world on fire this past Summer with what may eventually be remembered as the greatest shoot promo in wrestling history. CM Punk caught fire, and even crossed over into the mainstream. However, since his shoot promo, and his appearance at Comic-Con... CM Punk's momentum has been entirely snuffed out. The WWE allowed him to cool off, and it's a shame because I don't think Vince McMahon realized just how big CM Punk was this past Summer and how big he could continue to be. I'm here to highlight the several mistakes WWE made that has led to CM Punk losing all the momentum he had. They had a once in a lifetime opportunity on their hands and they totally blew it. Here's how.

1) Having CM Punk come back after only a week when he "walked out" of the company with the WWE title. When CM Punk won the WWE Championship at MITB, he made good on his promise that he was going to walk out of the WWE as the champ. This was one of the most unique and original situations the WWE has ever had on their hands. CM Punk had threated to win the title and walk out and go defend the company in New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor. Do you have any idea how huge that would have been if they kept CM Punk off of WWE tv for a couple of months, and showed up on ROH with the WWE title and defended it at a ROH event? Or if he would've went to New Japan and defended the title against Yuji Nagata? The WWE could've shown kayfabe news updates on Punk's appearances and threatened kayfabe lawsuits against him, etc. This could've been the biggest storyline in wrestling history. Instead, the WWE had him come back after a week and crowned another WWE Champion. Ok, so they took the safe route... why would you have Alberto Del Rio cash in MITB after Punk unified the titles? Punk was the hottest thing in wrestling, and instead of letting him have his night you have a guy that's not even over yet beat him for the title? It alienated CM Punk's entire "struggle" to get to the top. It was lame and silly. Then, Kevin Nash who costed him the belt at Summerslam never ended up feuding with CM Punk. So, CM Punk never exacts revenge on Nash. Instead, he gets into some seemingly random feud with Triple H. Why does Triple H have to insert himself into everyone else's success and make everything about him.

2) Triple H spinning the CM Punk phenomenon into a storyline about himself. This one made me so frustrated because it went from CM Punk getting back at Kevin Nash for costing him the title to let's have CM Punk insult Triple H's wife (I mean really this isn't 1999) until Triple H gets tired of it and fights Punk. Triple H had to take the CM Punk phenomenon and find a way to make it all about him the same way he's made the Undertaker's streak all about him. This is what really snuffed out CM Punk's avalanche of momentum.

3) CM Punk always playing second fiddle to John Cena. Why does CM Punk always play second fiddle to John Cena? Why is CM Punk the WWE Champion, yet always defends his title during the middle of the show? Why is John Cena and Kane main eventing when CM Punk is the WWE Champion? WWE's biggest issue is that they can't get past John Cena long enough to really build CM Punk up. He's always being seconded to Cena, and until they change that he's always going to be the number two guy despite being the WWE Champion.

4) WWE constantly puts CM Punk in unappealing matches and then blames him when it doesn't draw. WWE needs to stop putting Punk in matches with Del Rio, and six-man tag matches. It's like Punk is the WWE Champion, but he's always wrestling mid-card caliber matches. John Cena is still the one getting all the main event matches with Kane while CM Punk fights Dolph Ziggler.

CM Punk should be the most important star in the company right now, but instead they are still stuck on Cena. Until the WWE realizes that CM Punk is the future of the WWE, and starts to move on past Cena... I fear Punk will constantly be playing second fiddle. Since becoming the WWE Champion, he hasn't really had any "defining" moments. I hope the Punk/Jericho feud changes that.

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Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to the Royal Rumble Being the "End of the World As You Know It"?

by Brian Phelps

The Monday night RAW before the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho brought back the Highlight Reel and finally spoke. He told us that at the Royal Rumble it's going to be "The end of the world as you know it". Chris Jericho set really high expectations for the Royal Rumble. So what happens? Chris Jericho goes into the Rumble at #29 and simply gets eliminated. So, what was the point of him making some big claim and not delivering? Absolutely NOTHING happened at the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble roster was one of the weakest line-ups of all-time. There weren't any mind blowing surprises like last year. There was no Diesel surprise return. The biggest surprise of the Royal Rumble was Road Dogg? So how was this years Royal Rumble the "end of the world as we know it"? This is yet another case of the WWE duping thousands of people into buying a pay-per-view and not delivering what was promised. I guarantee you that THOUSANDS of people bought this pay-per-view on the proclamation of Chris Jericho's huge claim, and these fans were beyond let down. This reminds me of Wrestlemania 27 when the WWE had promoted and hyped a U.S. Title match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, but everyone who bought the pay-per-view for that match were disappointed when the WWE didn't air it. It ended up being a dark match.

Do you guys remember back in the day when a wrestling organization promised a surprise and they actually delivered? Add this to the huge list of stories that were just forgotten about by the WWE. The WWE DUPED people into buying the pay-per-view, and that's disappointing. Chris Jericho failed to deliver, and was nothing more than a dud in the Royal Rumble.

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Top 8 Ideas and Gimmicks Vince McMahon Ripped Off of Other Organizations

by Brian Phelps

In the world of pro wrestling, no name is more known or recognized than Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon has come up with a lot of great ideas over the years, or has he? I'm a firm believer that although Vince McMahon is a genius chess player, I also believe that Vince McMahon hasn't come up with many original ideas. Vince McMahon is not an idea man. Vince McMahon is a business man. Vince McMahon basically just takes every one else's ideas, polishes them, and then does them better. I truly do believe that Vince has come up with a lot of great ideas over the years, and I'm not trying to take anything away from Vince McMahon's genius. However, I'm going to call it in spades. One thing about Vince McMahon that makes him such a great chess player is that if he can't get his hands on the real thing, he'll darn sure make his own version of someone else's idea. And he won't just make his own version of it, he'll make it as good or BETTER. If he can't make a better version of someone else's idea, it will if nothing else look much more polished. Like I said, Vince McMahon is a brilliant tactician and decision maker. Vince McMahon has had a lot of great ideas, but they're never original ideas. He either bought the best, or made his own copy cats. I've listed below 8 legendary ideas that he basically ripped off of other companies.

Vince Rips off NWA's Road Warriors with WWF's Demolition

The Road Warrior's dominated pro wrestling throughout the early 1980s with a Mad Max inspired gimmick that made them one of the most popular wrestlers of all-time. In 1987, Vince McMahon put out Demolition, a tag team of his own as an answer to NWA's Road Warriors. Demolition had the same exact gimmick of two musclebound warriors in face paint that were based off the Mad Max movies. What is more amusing is that Vince McMahon pushed Demolition as the face of the WWF tag team division... until he finally signed The Road Warriors. Once he had the real Road Warriors, Demolition almost immediately became jobbers until they disbanded while the Road Warriors became the face of the WWF tag team division. Demolition were nothing more than a very good rip off of the Road Warriors.

Vince McMahon rips off WCW's nWo faction with WWF's D-X

In 1996, WCW blew the mind off the professional wrestling world with the formation of the New World Order. They were a group of guys who aimed to take over WCW, and did what they wanted whenever they wanted to. They consisted of two members of the WWF's famed 'Kliq' (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash), a legendary heel manager (Ted Dibiase), a freak athlete (The Giant), and the face of WCW (Hulk Hogan). WCW immediately took over the ratings war. Determined not to be outdone, Vince McMahon answered by forming Degeneration-X in 1997. DX (for short) ironically consisted of two members of the WWF's famed 'Kliq' (Triple H and Shawn Michaels), a legendary heel manager (Rick Rude), a freak athlete (Chyna), and the face of the company (also Shawn Michaels). The nWo also included another 'Kliq' member (Sean "Syxx-Pac" Waltman) who actually ended up also being a member of WWF's Degeneration-X, changing his name from "Syxx-Pac" to "X-Pac". The formation of DX allowed Vince McMahon to semi-halt the momentum of the nWo angle by creating an equally entertaining faction that like the nWo, employed juvenile pranks and violence to take over the company.

Vince McMahon turns WCW's Goldberg into a formula for wrestlers Batista, Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley

After the monster success that WCW enjoyed with Bill Goldberg, Vince McMahon took WCW's Goldberg and turned it into more of a formula that led to future stars like Batista, Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley. The basic formula of a tattooed monster face in basic trunks with a football player's build that mowed through the entire roster in animalistic fashion was used on Batista, Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley (who left before his push was finished). The one mistake that Vince McMahon successfully avoided was the black hole of the undefeated streak. The undefeated streak ended up hurting Goldberg in the end because it was built up to astronomical proportions, and no matter how WCW made him lose it hurt his fan base because the streak became bigger than Goldberg himself.

Vince McMahon rips off TNA Wrestling by having Jersey Shore member Snooki appear on RAW 11 days AFTER fellow Jersey Shore cast member Angelina Pavarnick originally appeared on TNA Impact.

TNA Wrestling had a great idea by trying to tap into the success of MTV's cable rating king pin The Jersey Shore by having a member of the cast guest star on an episode of Impact Wrestling. On the March 3, 2011 broadcast of Impact, Jersey Shore cast member Angelina Pavarnick made her debut. Not to be outdone, Vince McMahon brought in Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi on RAW a mere 11 days AFTER Angelina Pavarnick appeared for TNA. On top of that, he also "one upped" TNA by having Snooki appear at Wrestlemania 27. TNA has since "one upped" WWE by having J-Woww and Ronnie also appear on Impact.

Vince McMahon rips off TNA Wrestling's "The Beautiful People" with WWE's "LayCool"

In 2008, TNA Wrestling made waves a few years ago by forming a female faction called "The Beautiful People". They were two besties who thought they were better than everyone else and proceeded to call out and belittle other female wrestlers for being ugly. They had a unique entrance, and have gone on to EASILY become the greatest women's gimmick of all-time. They were an instant hit, and were constantly the highest rated segment on Impact. In 2009, the WWE packaged Layla and Michelle McCool together as LayCool in the exact same gimmick. LayCool went after Mickie James the same way that the Beautiful People went after Roxxi and other knockouts. It was eerie how similar LayCool was. It even led to a twitter war of words between the two groups. Rumor had it that LayCool was actually created as a direct answer to The Beautiful People because Vince allegedly felt that the Beautiful People were making his Divas look like a joke (which they were). Some in the IWC will argue that LayCool is a rehash of PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters), but that is false. PMS consisted of 3 members, and were not like LayCool or Beautiful People.

Vince McMahon rips off NWA's Starrcade with WWF's Wrestlemania

NWA's Starrcade was the FIRST BIG flagship wrestling event and served as the precursor to every pay-per-view that followed including Wrestlemania, which followed the blueprint laid out by the NWA and Starrcade. Basically, Starrcade was Wrestlemania BEFORE Wrestlemania. There would be NO Wrestlemania without Starrcade.

Vince McMahon rips off WCW and Eric Bischoff's "Evil Boss Gimmick" with Mr. McMahon gimmick. 

This is one of the bigger rip offs in pro wrestling history. WCW had revolutionary idea after revolutionary idea in the 1990s and this other than the nWo, was the BIGGEST.  In 1996, Eric Bischoff became the evil puppet master of the nWo, and proceeded to make the entire WCW roster's lives miserable. He was injecting WCW with nWo poison looong before Vince screwed Bret Hart, took on Stone Cold, ran the Corporation, and injected the WWF with nWo poison. Vince's famous Mr.McMahon character was a direct answer and rip off of WCW's "Eazy E" Eric Bischoff evil boss character. There would have NEVER been a Mr.McMahon gimmick had it not been for Eric Bischoff's heel boss gimmick. Bischoff did it first, and Vince McMahon just polished the idea a little bit. It was after Sting started Scorpion Death Dropping Bischoff that we saw Stone Cold give his famed Stunner to Mr.McMahon.

Vince McMahon rips off WCW's highly successful "Cruiserweight Division" with WWF's flop "Light Heavyweight Division"

With WCW taking over the ratings in 1996, Bischoff began signing international talent and developed the WCW Cruiserweight Division in 1996. The Cruiserweight division showcased a who's who of lucha libre legends and future hall of famers such as Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Billy Kidman, Juventud Guerrera, and Chris Benoit. The WWF attempted to answer WCW's division in 1997 by creating the Light Heavyweight Championship. However, the Light Heavyweight Division was a massive flop and nothing more than a poor man's Cruiserweight Division. It featured forgettable stars such as Essa Rios, Taka Michinoku, and Brian Chistopher... who never really caught on with fans. The division didn't last long before being scrapped.

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List of 2012 WWE Pay-Per-View Theme Songs

Here is a complete list of WWE Pay-Per-View Theme Songs for the 2012 PPV season, as well as the themes for the 1000th episode of RAW and Tribute to the Troops. 
(Click on links to listen to songs)

WWE Wrestlemania 28 (Flo Rida ft. Sia "Wild Ones") [Alternate Theme] April 1, 2012
WWE Wrestlemania 28 (Madonna "Girl Gone Wild") [Divas Theme] April 1, 2012
WWE Wrestlemania 28 (Metallica "The Memory Remains") [Undertaker vs Triple H Theme] April 1, 2012
WWE Wrestlemania 28 (Flo Rida "Good Feeling") [Alternate Theme] April 1, 2012*
WWE Extreme Rules (Shinedown "Adrenaline")  April 29, 2012
WWE Over the Limit (Thousand Foot Krutch "War of Change") May 20, 2012
WWE No Way Out (Charm City Devils "Unstoppable") June 17, 2012
WWE RAW 1,000th Episode (Outasight "Tonight Is The Night") July 23, 2012
WWE Summerslam (Kevin Rudolf "Don't Give Up" [Rhythmic Remix]) August 19, 2012
WWE Night of Champions (Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne, Fred Durst, and Birdman "Champions") September 16, 2012
WWE Night of Champions (Jim Johnston "Big Epic Night") [Alternate Theme] September 16, 2012
WWE Hell in a Cell (Black Veil Brides "In The End")  October 28, 2012
WWE Hell in a Cell [Alternate Theme] (Fozzy "Sandpaper" Ft. M Shadows) October 28, 2012
WWE Survivor Series (Outasight "Now or Never") November 18, 2012
WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs (Jim Johnston "Just Another War") December 16, 2012
WWE Tribute to the Troops (Kid Rock "Let's Ride") December 19, 2012

* = Song was also used as a theme for Survivor Series 2011, which featured The Rock and John Cena vs The Miz and R-Truth

Official WWE Wrestlemania 28 Theme Song (Flo Rida ft. Sia - Wild Ones)

Official WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Theme Song (Nickelback - This Means War)

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Matt Hardy E#247 Clips From South Boston VA

Unresolved Storyline: What Happened to Theodore Long Being on Probation?

by Brian Phelps

Over the last month or two I've been taking the time to expose the WWE creative team for their grotesque inconsistencies, and failure to even bother resolving lengthy storylines that they started. Well, I've come to you guys again while I was doing some thinking, and I've come up with yet another unresolved story that the WWE is guilty of. 

Does anyone else remember in the last couple of years on Smackdown when all of a sudden Vince McMahon had some sort of problem with the way Theodore Long was running things? If you remember, Vince McMahon kept telling Teddy Long that he was watching him, and even went as far as to put Theodore Long on "probation". Vince would over turn Teddy Long's decisions and other things. Then all of a sudden the whole thing was simply forgotten about. Poof! It was gone. Like so many other stories in WWE, it was swept under the rug. So, what happened to Theodore Long being on the verge of being fired?