Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shark Jumping Moment of the Week

I may feature from time to time moments where wrestling truly "Jumped the Shark". Jumping the Shark is when a tv show or movie does something so absurd it's just unbelievable. Here the classic Shark Jumping moment when the nWo ran a semi-truck head on into an ambulance with The Rock inside. Attempted vehicular homicide on wrestling. Classic!

Triple H vs Undertaker lacks emotion, feels uninspired

Well, it looks like we're heading toward another HHH vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania 27. I can't help but feel like this feud seems uninspired and almost boring. This might have been cool 9 years ago, but it just seems lame now. I thought it might have just been me, but even Bret "Hitman" Hart said it felt flat in an interview he gave recently. Triple H's promos seem so run of the mill and flat. The Undertaker isn't supposed to be charismatic... so in the end it all just seems hum drum. This confrontation seems to lack any emotion. HBK's appearance on RAW Monday was very much needed and helped inject some life into an otherwise yawn of a feud. You can tell how much he added to the mix when the crowd started chanting "One more match", and booing HHH and the Undertaker at anything they said to HBK. This is just one of the most unappealing Wrestlemania lineups ever... and you can tell by all the "make-up" they have put on Wrestlemania: The Rock guest hosting, Snooki wrestling, Stone Cold guest refereeing, HBK putting in his two cents.... because this Wrestlemania is shaping up to be very weak and will need all the help it can get. I expect lower buys this year.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What does Sting as champion really do for TNA in 2011?

Last week on TNA iMPACT, Sting returned after a 4 month hiatus to win the TNA World Title from Jeff Hardy. It was a nice surprise, but I have to ask the burning question. What does Sting as champion really do for TNA at this point? What does it say about guys like RVD, Mr. Anderson, and Matt Morgan... 3 younger stars that have been trying to wrestle the title away from Hardy for 6 months when Sting waltzes in and wins the title on his first attempt... especially after not even being on TV in 4 months? This is what frustrates me about TNA. They spend almost a year building RVD slow road to revenge... and then turn around and put the title on Sting with NO BUILD at all. They spend months building Anderson and the concussion angle with Hardy, and instead of a rematch or anything... they put the belt on Sting with zero build. It also made no sense as far as Stings return because he said he wasn't going to deal with Immortal... and now all of a sudden he's ready to take them out? It was another swerve by Vince Russo, who can't just have a natural storyline build. He has to swerve us all the time, but the problem is that he just leaves tons of storylines unresolved. This is why TNA seems low brow sometimes in comparison. It's elementary things that TNA gets so wrong all the time.