Friday, July 8, 2011

Anderson Joins Immortal (Another Predictable Russo Swerve)

by Brian Phelps

Impact last night was surprisingly good. There were great matches along the way with moves I've never even seen as Impact showcased the X-Division. If you haven't heard of Jack Evans, find him on youtube. That guy was doing moves I haven't seen anyone do, including Sin Cara. The Fatal 4-Way between RVD, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Jerry Lynn was awesome. I really felt like RVD and Jerry Lynn were telling a story as they wrestled. Sting was great again as The Joker, but there was just one problem with an otherwise great Impact.

The main event ending was soooo predictable. It was an infamous "Russo Swerve", or at least he thinks he swerved the crowd. Before the main event, Sting and Angle tell Anderson that he better make the right decision (referring to Immortal inviting Anderson to join them as Sting and Angle had to fight Immortal later that night). Shortly afterward, Hogan attacks Sting just before the match backstage... forcing Angle to take on Immortal by himself. So, from that moment it was obvious that Mr. Anderson was going to join Immortal and screw over Angle. Lo and Behold, Anderson comes out during the handicap match and appeared to be fighting off Immortal... when all of a sudden he turns on Angle and gives him his patented 'mic check' finisher and Immortal gets the win. This is a typical Vince Russo written "Swerve" designed to trick the crowd for shock value, but he's done this so many times that you can smell it a mile away as I did. There were so many things about this that didn't make any sense. For instance, why did the referee allow Anderson to just run in and just join the tag match? The moment Anderson attacked Immortal at first, Kurt Angle would've been Disqualified lol. Oh well. Anderson screws Angle after claiming he wouldn't join Immortal, and then next thing you know he's hugging Immortal. This isn't the first Russo "Swerve". He's been doing it for years. I can name a few times recently that he's done it.

1) At Bound For Glory 2010, Jeff Hardy acts like he's going to hit Bischoff with Hogan's crutch... but then turns around and at the last second turns on Angle and Anderson and beats them down with Hogan's crutches... (Immortal is formed on this night)

2) Fortune began feuding with Immortal. Ric Flair comes out with AJ Styles for his match with Immortal's Matt Hardy, and during AJ's match out of nowhere Ric Flair throws AJ off the top turn buckle and hugs Matt Hardy. (Flair joins Immortal)

3) Let's not forget the most famous "Finger Poke of Doom" from WCW, where Nash came out as Champion to face Hollywood Hogan.. and instead of the bitter battle of nWo leaders... Hogan poked Nash, Nash fell on the mat on purpose, and Hogan pinned him. Nash hugs Hogan, and the two nWo's merge.

Russo enough of the stupid "swerves". You've done it so many times, you can smell it a mile away before you do it. It's ridiculous, and beyond predictable. Here's an idea. How about a clean finish?

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