Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why Doesn't TNA Promote Itself More?

by Brian Phelps

There is something about TNA Wrestling that has been baffling me for YEARS now. I can't take it anymore. I have to ask it. Why doesn't TNA Wrestling promote its accomplishments more? I spend every year smacking my forehead in disbelief at all the opportunities that TNA misses on a regular basis to promote itself. Look at the WWE. They promote EVERYTHING they do. When The Miz appears on TBS's Conan, the WWE promotes it on RAW. When WWE's wrestlers appear in movies, they promote it on RAW and I'm not talking about a WWE film. I'm talking about The Rock back when he appeared in the Scorpion King. When Sheamus appeared at the MTV Europe Music Awards, the WWE promoted it. How come TNA does little to promote themselves and their talent on Impact? I'll give you examples.

When Mick Foley appeared on Jon Stewart, and then was a speaker at Jon Stewart's 'Rally to Restore Sanity'... TNA did little coverage of it outside their website. They also poorly promoted Mick Foley's book 'Countdown to Lockdown'. They did a segment where Ric Flair tore up a copy of Mick Foley's book on Impact. Rumors had it that TNA's failure to promote Mick Foley's projects contributed to Mick Foley's decision to leave TNA Wrestling and go back to WWE.

Perhaps even bigger than TNA's failure to promote Mick Foley's projects is TNA's failure to promote ITSELF. TNA has made little effort on Impact Wrestling to mention the ratings mega success of Ring Ka King. I shouldn't have to find out about Ring Ka King's success from the 'Dirt Sheets'. Scott Steiner even spoke of how TNA did little to no coverage of Ring Ka King's huge ratings success. Scott Steiner stated that in India there are 40 different billboards covering Ring Ka King and TNA never mentions it. Ring Ka King had over 14 million viewers and TNA doesn't mention the success of it. Ring Ka King's success should've been covered on Impact Wrestling but it wasn't. 

I also don't understand how Dixie Carter has gone far out of her way to promote her husband's music, specifically "Longnecks and Rednecks", but TNA makes no effort to promote Jeff Hardy's band Peroxwhy?gen. I'm sorry, but simply putting a couple of his tracks on the TNA website and letting him use his band's music as his theme song doesn't count. I'm talking about TNA actually mentioning Jeff Hardy's band and his new music releases on Impact... maybe even filming a music video for Hardy's band. 

They don't promote Kurt Angle's movies or Eric Bischoff's beer. Why do I have to find out about Kurt Angle appearing in a movie from a dirt site? Why doesn't TNA tell us on Impact that Kurt is appearing in a new indy film? Why doesn't TNA change James Storm's beer bottle from a generic bottle to a bottle of Eric Bischoff's 'Buffalo Bill Cody' beer? 

Awhile back, Hogan made an appearance live on American Idol. Instead of wearing a shirt that said TNA Wrestling on the front of it where 15 or 20 million people watching him at home can see it he wears a Hogan shirt that doesn't mention TNA where anyone can see it. THEN, TNA didn't even bother to mention Hulk Hogan's appearance on American Idol. 

So in closing, these aren't the ravings of a mad man. I'm telling the truth. Both Mick Foley and Scott Steiner have complained about TNA's lack of promotion. So I know I'm not making this up. I have more than enough evidence to surmise that TNA is extremely poor at promoting itself and its talent. TNA has talent that sets it apart from WWE, but they don't make a good enough effort to make people realize it.


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