Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWE Power to the People Bombs Big Time

The 3 hour "Power to the People" edition of RAW failed in one key aspect; it didn't give power to the people. I caught right off the bat that it was rigged. As soon as Mason Ryan was chosen as Evan Bournes opponent over Sin Cara (Mistico) I  knew it was nothing but smoke and mirrors. Sin Cara is the most popular wrestler in Mexico, not to mention one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE. A match-up between Sin Cara and Evan "Air" Bourne is considered a dream match to many purists. Mason Ryan hasn't even gotten over yet, and no one even takes him seriously as evidenced by the mocking "Batista" chants during the match and boos when he was chosen as Bourne's opponent. You can probably count on one hand the number of singles matches he's had on RAW. Sin Cara is undefeated, while Mason Ryan at this point is nothing more than a poor man's Batista.

Also, the Mark Henry vs Kane Arm Wrestling segment totally bombed. If the power was truly in the people's hands then why were they chanting "This is stupid!" during that segment? Then WWE Creative thought it would be a dynamite idea to have Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole have a dance off. I mean seriously, whoever wrote this garbage needs to be fired. This was a down right horrible RAW. I had so many bones to pick about this RAW that it's not even funny. I am coming out and pointing a finger at WWE and telling them that "Power to the People" was a total lie. It was rigged from the start.

If WWE truly gave the power to the people, then Zack Ryder would be getting pushed and not left off the card entirely, Kofi Kingston and Christian would be the WWE and World Heavyweight Champions instead of Cena/Orton, Ted Dibiase wouldn't be getting buried, Jim Ross and Lawler would be reunited on play-by-play, and Michael Cole and Hornswoggle would be gone. That is Power to the People.

WWE wonders why their PPV buy rates are plummeting... what... with awesome build like this who wouldn't want to buy this crap? You can say what you want about Impact, and their ratings or whatever... but Impact Wrestling is putting on a better quality program right now and no amount of Austin or Piper one night offs is going to change that. Smackdown has been putting on better shows than RAW lately too. It's not that people don't care about wrestling anymore, it's that when you put on stupid shows like this... who wants to watch it or buy ppvs?

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  1. And this had to be the show that i just decided "What the hell, i'll D/L it and see whats going on since i haven't watched in 3 weeks." case and point for why once CM Punk is out, so am I.

    I don't really give a fuck about any of it anymore i'm just tired.