Monday, August 15, 2011

WWE Kills CM Punk's Buzz at Summerslam with Del Rio and 52 year old Kevin Nash

by Brian Phelps

WWE just baffles me, such as the case now that Summerslam 2011 is over with. CM Punk defeated John Cena in a controversial finish where Cena's foot was on the bottom rope. As much as that finish irritated me, to make matters worse Kevin Nash comes out and attacks CM Punk... leading to Alberto Del Rio cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase and becoming the WWE Champion. No offense, but this was a horrible finish. This is the type of finish that WWE die hards would be laughing at if it would've happened in a TNA Wrestling ring. They would've laughed and muttered something along the lines of "typical Russo finish".

I thought the whole idea lately has been to build CM Punk up as the next "Face" of the company, but apparently I was wrong. I don't think they know what they want to do. I was under the influence that after CM Punk made the biggest headlines in Pro Wrestling since the Attitude Era that the logical thing to do would be to push him to the moon and start to phase Cena into more of a Shawn Michaels 2002-2010 role. John Cena has reached a point where losing cleanly wouldn't hurt his character because he's done everything you can do in the business. Like I said, I guess I'm wrong though. The fact that Punk couldn't gain a clean pin fall victory over Cena goes to show that Vince McMahon is too scared to go in a totally new direction. Even Hogan passed the torch to the Ultimate Warrior with a clean pin fall at Wrestlemania 6. Why can't Cena do the same for CM Punk? CM Punk not getting a real win over Cena starts to paint CM Punk as an almost semi-heel because he didn't win clean at MITB and he didn't win clean at Summerslam. They're doing to Punk what they've been doing to Christian on Smackdown in his feud with Randy Orton... and that's not allow the new generation of possible main eventers to take over. Vince is scared.

Then to add insult to injury they completely killed all the build and buzz around CM Punk by having him drop the title in a weak "run of the mill" MITB briefcase cash-in by Alberto Del Rio. Yes, the Kevin Nash run-in was shocking and unexpected... but why? I already know where they are going with that, but it's another blog post in itself. I'm glad Kevin Nash is back, but the way they brought him back is completely lame. They shouldn't bring back an over 50 year old Kevin Nash at the expense of CM Punk's super build. I already know they are most likely going to go with Nash being Del Rio's body guard, or to a lesser extent they will have The Game and Nash in some sort of "Kliq" related favor... or both.

The one thing that gets me though is the "Anti-TNA" WWE Fans (not to be confused with the average WWE Fans). The same "Anti-TNA" WWE iwc fans that were made fun of Kevin Nash in TNA and called him a washed up has been are the same ones that totally marked out for Nash at the Royal Rumble and marked out for him at Summerslam. When Nash was in TNA, those fans said he stunk and needed to retire. Now, they're cheering him on as one guy said "It's nice to see the Jack Knife one last time". What are you talking about? If you watched TNA, he's been doing Jack Knife's up until the beginning of January 2011. No one cared. Now, that he did it on WWE television... the Anti-TNA contingent are all about Kevin Nash wrestling and/or getting involved. I don't know... just funny to watch.

I'm happy Kevin Nash is back, but I hate that WWE dropped the ball with CM Punk big time. Punk should've pinned Cena cleanly to end the show. Then if you MUST have Del Rio cash in and have a 50 year old Kevin Nash bury CM Punk... then do it on RAW the next night. *Shakes head at WWE Creative*... It's bull that Vince wouldn't let Del Rio cash in on Cena... but he'll let him cash in on Punk.  Then tonight on RAW, Rey Mysterio gets a title shot at Del Rio??? What happened to WWE's almighty "rematch clause" that Cena cries every time he loses the World Title. Shouldn't Punk be getting a rematch? Or, at the very least Cena as much as I don't want to see Cena in a title match? *Shakes head in disbelief* 


  1. I agree on a few points. The foot on the ropes finish was just horrible, there was no real reason as to why he couldn't just win clean. Punk wins, Nash power bombs him, i was happy to see Nash come back, as much of an ego maniac as he is. The Del Rio cashes in, Del Rio did what anyone else would've done, thats just money in the bank. Considering i'm going to get to see Punk and Nash go at it, even if its just with words, makes me excited.

    But to close, i agree, the finish was a miserable finish, but I don't think this killed any momentum that Punk has.

  2. P.S. Barret VS Daniel Bryan was FREAKIN AWESOME! Who would've thought that match would've been that great! If you missed it, go check it out.

  3. I'm more upset that CM Punk wasn't given a real title run. The first night he actually defends the title and he loses it? It makes him look like (A) a weak champion and (B) What they're saying is that a 52 year old Kevin Nash can beat your brightest young headliner... lame.

  4. Did you really think things would change with HHH? It's only going to get worse. He will put himself and his friends over. That's the Kliq, they only care about themselves.

    Nash brags about getting guaranteed contracts. Nash's greed is what brought WCW down.

    They took advantage of the competition between WCW and WWE to get guaranteed multi million dollar deals. Sure they got other wrestlers some bank, but overall WCWs cost were too high, and they had too much invested in older guys to establish anyone.

    WWE is no different today. HHH dominated throughout this decade and who did he make?

    Randy Orton?

    My point is they're all about business, business for themselves and their own egos.

    As a result, nothing will change. HHH has been in charge for a decade already and has given us the current dull product.

    They will bury CM Punk just like they have w/ Christian.