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Now charging to the ring ... Mantaur! - "Are You Serious?" - Episode 30

WWE Friday Night SmackDown: August 24, 2012 (Full Episode)

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Wii U: New Super Mario Bros. U E3 Trailer

Humor: What If Pixar Made The Expendables 2?

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WWF: Ultimate Warrior vs The Undertaker circa 1991 (Full Match)

Classic WWF Wrestling Logo (Picture)

Classic AWA Wrestling Logos (Picture)

3 Count Official WCW Theme (Can't Get You Outta My Heart)

Sid Vicious Official WCW Theme

Santino's date night - "Santino's Foreign Exchange" - Episode 30

FAQ: Is Sting Dead?

Answer: No. After WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon in 2001, Sting took some time away from wrestling. In 2005, Sting returned to TNA Wrestling where he has been ever since. He even evolved from his "Crow" gimmick into a more modern "Joker" gimmick loosely based off of Heath Ledger's Joker from 2008's The Dark Knight movie (pictured below).

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NWA Smoky Mountain TV: August 25, 2012 (Full Episode)

Ring of Honor Wrestling: Air Date 7/28/12 (Full Episode)

Matt Hardy vs WOW Champ Derrick King

WWE Superstars: August 24, 2012 (Full Episode)

WWE RAW 2012 Theme Song (TobyMac ''Tonight's the Night'')

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FAQ: Why Did Edge Retire From Pro Wrestling?

Answer: In 2003 Edge suffered a neck injury that sidelined him for nearly a year and required surgery. Over time, complications from his 2003 neck injury forced Edge to retire. In the time leading up to his retirement announcement on April 11, 2011 Edge had mentioned feeling numbness in his arms and losing feeling in them. Edge then underwent several tests and an MRI revealed that he was suffering from Cervical Spinal Stenosis, and because of this diagnosis he cannot be medically cleared to compete due to Edge risking paralysis from the neck down or even death. 

Chikara: King of Trios 2012 - September 14th - 16th in Easton, PA

What do you do to relax? - "WWE Inbox" - Episode 30

"WrestleMania XXVIII - Rock vs. Cena" - This Saturday at 9/8 CT on NBC

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"Serious" words from Heidenreich - "Are You Serious?" - Episode 29

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

by Brian Phelps

I know I'm late on this, but I finally took the time to watch Transformers 3 at home on Netflix. I saw the first two Transformers movies in the theater, but skipped the third one. I loved the original Transformers, but the sequel was awful and soured me to the point that I wasn't willing to spend 10 bucks on Transformers 3. You know the old saying, fool me once...

That being said, I thought Dark of the Moon was a little better than Revenge of the Fallen, but then again that's not saying a whole lot because the movie was still a let down. It was obvious that Michael Bay and Ehren Kruger spent the entire first half of this movie going out of their way to show Megan Fox just how easily she could be replaced. I literally felt like they were rubbing it in that she was cut from the third movie. The way she was so cheaply written off was funny for all the wrong reasons. I don't mind that she was cut from the third movie, but the cheap explanation hurt Dark of the Moon. All they said was that she dumped Sam, and she was mean. There was no actual explanation of why they broke up after all they had been through. Then they start off the movie with a scantily clad Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a scene that appeared to be once again nothing more than Michael Bay's way of saying that Megan Fox's are a dime a dozen and she was expendable. They clearly were trying to rub it in to Megan Fox that they didn't miss her.

Sadly, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was actually a worse actress than Megan Fox if you can believe that. Her dialogue and delivery often seemed awkward and out of sync with the rest of the actors.

I also didn't like how it's only been 2 years since Revenge of the Fallen came out and all of a sudden Sam has been out of college for a few months. I thought the whole schtick of Sam Witwicky's character is that he was supposed to be a geeky KID. Apparently, they lost sight of this and now Sam is an adult trying to get a job in a tough economy.

Once you get past the fact that the first half of this movie was just rubbing it in Megan Fox's face that she had been replaced, and the awkwardness of Sam Witwicky being an adult even though he doesn't seem like one... this movie failed plot wise for the same reasons that Revenge of the Fallen failed. For some reason, in each of the Transformers sequels they always have to have two characters that outlandishly and implausibly know each other. In Revenge of the Fallen it was Sam's dorm mate and that Sector 7 agent guy who figured out that they knew each other through some one conspiracy website amongst the billions of web sites on the internet. In Dark of the Moon, somehow Sam's girlfriend just so happened to be working for a guy that was working for the Decepticons. It's suggested that McDreamy was using Sam's girlfriend to get to Sam and I get that part, but here's the real question. How did Sam hook up with Carly to begin with? Oh wait, they never explained how he met her in the first place. Sam's supposed to be a geek whose entire relationship with Mikaela was a fluke to begin with. So, how did he land a chick as "hot" or "hotter" than her? I kept waiting for Carly to double cross Sam, or admit that she knew her boss was working for the decepticons but it never happened. So, once again how did Sam just so happen to hook up with a chick whose boss was working for the decepticons? This was never explained. There was no double cross... so it just didn't make any sense plot wise.

I also didn't like how Sam didn't even speak to Optimus until the movie was half way over. Sam was the key to the Autobots coming to Earth in the first place, and now in this movie they made it out like the Transformers don't even see or hang out with Sam anymore because they're too busy. This is another reason why this movie lacked the charm and innocence that made the original so good.

I'm not going to lie to any of you reading this. The first half of Transformers: Dark of the Moon sucks. However, the second half managed to succeed in spite of all of the leaps in logic and awkward character development throughout the first half of the movie. The second half of this movie moves at a great pace, and is actually pretty entertaining. It is also the only reason this movie is any better than the second one.

I should also note that this movie by far has the worst soundtrack out of all three Transformers movies. This movie once again had a single by Linkin Park, but it was a slower single and it just wasn't very good. What I've Done and New Divide are far superior to Iridescent. The only saving grace of this movie in my opinion was Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime. He was a perfect voice over fit for the franchise, and the subtle homage lines to his Star Trek character were cheesy but nice and expected. My advice to anyone out there, don't pay to see another Transformers movie. Save your money and watch them on Netflix. 

WWE Friday Night SmackDown: August 17, 2012 (Full Episode)

Honky Tonk Man Will Be Appearing in Vancouver, BC on August 25, 2012

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man will be appearing for Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling on August 25, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia. For more information visit

Matt Hardy, Carlito, Chris Masters and More Appearing in McMinnville, TN on September 1, 2012

Crossfire Wrestling will be holding an event on Saturday, September 1st, 2012 in McMinnville, Tennessee. Visit for more information

The Following Superstars Are Advertised:
Matt Hardy, Chris Masters, Carlito, Maria, Kid Kash, Jerry Lynn, Reby Sky, and Ricky Morton of The Rock and Roll Express.

Headlining Matches Include
Matt Hardy in a World Title Match
Chris Masters vs Carlito
Ricky Morton vs Kid Kash

John Morrison Will Be Appearing in Newark, CA on September 21, 2012

John Morrison will be appearing for Big Time Wrestling in Newark, California on Friday, September 21, 2012. For more information and directions visit

Gangrel Will Be Appearing in Madison, WV on September 15, 2012

Former WWE Superstar and Brood member Gangrel will be appearing for All Star Wrestling on September 15, 2012 in Madison, West Virginia. For more information visit

Kevin Nash Appearing in Watertown, NY on November 16, 2012

Kevin Nash will be appearing in Watertown, New York on November 16, 2012 to take on 2CW Champion Kevin Steen. For more information go to

Matt Hardy Appearing in Utica, New York on October 19, 2012

Matt Hardy will be appearing on October 19, 2012 in Utica, NY for 2CW Wrestling. For more information go to

WCW vs nWo: World Tour N64 GameShark Codes

800F07F9 0012     P1 Wobble Mode
800F07F9 0053     P1 praise for a win
800F07F9 0065     P1 Wrestles an invisible man
A00F16EF 4444     Messed-Up Clock
800F0894 5445     Teleport Punching P1
800F0894 5445     Teleport Punching P1
A00F16EF 4444     Minutes Are Counted as Seconds 
800F16EF 0000     Time Always 00:00
80060665 00FF     Have 6 Hidden Characters
800F0801 0064     Always max Spirit P1
800F0801 0032     Always Normal Spirit P1
800F0801 0000     Always No Spirit P1
800F0BA1 0064     Always Max Spirit P2
800F0BA1 0032     Always Normal Spirit P2
800F0BA1 0000     Always No Spirit P2
800F0F11 0064     Always Max Spirit P3
800F0F41 0032     Always Normal Spirit P3
800F0F41 0000     Always Have No Spirit P3
800F12E1 0064     Always Have Max Spirit P4
800F12E1 0032     Always Have Normal Spirit P4
800F12E1 0000     Always Have no Spirit P4
8006066B 00FF     Have WWW League Challenge
80060665 0F0F     Don't Have Joe Bruiser and BlackWidow                   
80060665 0064     Have BlackWidow and Wrath                               
80060665 0032     Have BlackWidow, Bruiser, and DDP                       
80060665 1111     Have Macho Man and Joe Bruiser                          
80060665 2222     Have DDP and BlackWidow                                 
80060665 3333     Don't Have Wrath and Glacier                            
80060665 4444     Have Wrath                                              
80060665 5555     Have Macho Man, Wrath, and Bruiser                      
80060665 6666     Have DDP, Wrath, and BlackWidow                         
80060665 7777     Don't Have Glacier                                      
80060665 8888     Have Glacier                                            
80060665 9999     Have Macho Man, Glacier, Bruiser                        
80060665 1010     Have Bruiser                                            
80060665 1212     Have DDP and Bruiser                                    
80060665 1313     Don't Have Wrath, BlackWidow, and Glacier               
800F0811 DDEA     When Running Always Head for Corners                    
800F0811 ABCF     When Running Always Head for Corners but Can Punch      
800F0806 2617     Easy Lose (Go out side of ring)                         
800F16E2 1111     Start Match Wierd                                       
800F0811 6666     When Running Can't Do Anything                          
800F0801 0099     Longer Full Spirit P1                                   
800F0BA1 0099     Longer Full Spirit P2                                   
800F0F11 0099     Longer Full Spirit P3                                   
800F12E1 0099     Longer Full Spirit P4                                   
800F16EF 1111     Time Always 00:17                                       
800ECFCB 0000     FAKE Infinite Time Out of Ring                          
800F16C4 0014     Infinite Time Out  of Ring                              
880F16C4 0001     GS Button for Quick Out of Ring Count Out               
A102A28E 0001     Deep and Static Music

Messed up players

800F07F8 0010     P1
800F0B98 0010     P2
800F0F38 0010     P3
800F12D8 0010     P4

Slow motion players

800F07F6 0023     P1
800F0B96 0023     P2
800F0F36 0023     P3
800F12D6 0023     P4

Players float away, while getting knocked out.

800F07FB 0012     P1
800F0B9B 0012     P2
800F0F3B 0012     P3
800F12DB 0012     P4

Players keep getting knocked out in the corner

800F07FB 0026     P1
800F0B9B 0026     P2
800F0F3B 0026     P3
800F12DB 0026     P4

Players look like they're sitting upside down when you move the joystick.
800F07F9 0070     P1
800F0B99 0070     P2
800F0F39 0070     P3
800F12D9 0070     P4

Players look like they were just slammed upside down, when you move 
the joystick.
800F07F9 0072     P1
800F0B99 0072     P2
800F0F39 0072     P3
800F12D9 0072     P4

Players look like they were just slammed upside down #2
800F07F9 0074     P1
800F0B99 0074     P2
800F0F39 0074     P3
800F12D9 0074     P4

Players look like they just got Wiped Out.
800F07F9 0076     P1
800F0B99 0076     P2
800F0F39 0076     P3
800F12D9 0076     P4

Players do some kind of taunt when you move the joystick.
800F07F9 0060     P1
800F0B99 0060     P2
800F0F39 0060     P3
800F12D9 0060     P4

Players clap their hands when you move the joystick.
800F07F9 0061     P1
800F0B99 0061     P2
800F0F39 0061     P3
800F12D9 0061     P4

Players fly in the air when you try to roll on the mat.
800F07F9 0063     P1
800F0B99 0063     P2
800F0F39 0063     P3
800F12D9 0063     P4

Players look like there charging at something when you move the joystick.
800F07F9 0066     P1
800F0B99 0066     P2
800F0F39 0066     P3
800F12D9 0066     P4

800F080A 0064
810F1C20 0000     Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P1
800F1C22 0000

800F080A 0064
810F1C20 0101     Always Have Baseball Bat P1
800F1C22 0000

800F080A 0024
810F1C20 0202     Always Have Silver Chair P1
800F1C22 0000

800F080A 0024
810F1C20 0303     Always Have Table Piece P1
800F1C22 0000

800F0BAA 0064
810F1C40 0000     Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P2
800F1C42 0001

800F0BAA 0064
810F1C40 0101     Always Have Baseball Bat P2
800F1C42 0001

800F0BAA 0024
810F1C40 0202     Always Have Silver Chair P2
800F1C42 0001

800F0BAA 0024
810F1C40 0303     Always Have Table Piece P2
800F1C42 0001

800F0F4A 0064
810F1C60 0000     Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P3
800F1C62 0002

800F0F4A 0064
810F1C60 0101     Always Have Baseball Bat P3
800F1C62 0002

800F0F4A 0024
810F1C60 0202     Always Have Silver Chair P3
800F1C62 0002

800F0F4A 0024
810F1C60 0303     Always Have Table Piece P3
800F1C62 0002

800F12EA 0064
810F1C80 0000     Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P4
800F1C82 0003

800F12EA 0064
810F1C80 0101     Always Have Baseball Bat P4
800F1C82 0003

800F12EA 0024
810F1C80 0202     Always Have Silver Chair P4
800F1C82 0003

800F12EA 0024
810F1C80 0303     Always Have Table Piece P4
800F1C82 0003

800F0B9B 00xx     Strange Effect P1 Modifiers 
800F0B9B 00xx     Strange Effect P2 Modifiers 
800F0F3B 00xx     Strange Effect P3 Modifiers 
800F12DB 00xx     Strange Effect P4 Modifiers 

Replace xx with:
13     Be In P2 Corner
11     Constantly Being Hit
19     Run in Place
16     Constantly Taunting
21     Constant Cheap Moves
17     Constantly Acting Special
59     Constantly Falling Out of Ring
57     Never Give Up
55     Constantly Climbing Ropes
31     Press R to Lie Down Permanently
29     Constantly Flexing
29     Constantly Using Invisible Table
15     A Different Attack
07     Cheap Shot
09     Cheap Shot P2
49     Decapitate Player
47     Constantly Swinging Arms
41     Sound Like a Dog
65     Constantly Rolling
63     Constantly Falling
61     Constantly Punching
67     Constantly Floating
35     Press R To ACT Special
33     Frozen Players
23     Can't Get Out of Submission
23     Can't Reenter The Ring
16     Can't Grapple
FFFF   Tall Players
BB + 810F1C20 0000     Unmask Players

Quick Win / Dead Computer

This code will give your player unlimited specials, and when you knock down the computer's wrestler, he will be dead. He will not get up, you can hit him all you want, and the only way he is going to get up is if you pick him back up, or when he breaks out of a pin or submission. If you pick him up, he will then be dazed forever. To get the Quick win, choose a wrestler (i like using someone who does a running clothesline, like Hollywood) As soon as the bell sounds, run at the computer, and do your running move, when the AI goes down, pick them back up, back up and do it again. It should take from 3 - 10 hits before the computer gets a TKO. I broke my record when I beat the computer in 11 seconds using Hollywood. Just Put In This Code 800F0800 0064 or 800F1C22 0000 If you want the 2nd 3rd or 4th players to be able to do this, instead of putting in the original, put in these: 800F0BA1 0064 2nd player: 800F0F11 0064 3rd player 800F12E1 0064 4th player 800F0831 0064 Player 1 Small 800F0831 0000 800F0BD1 0064 Player 2 Small 800F0BD1 0000 800F0F71 0064 Player 3 Small 800F0F71 0000 800F1311 0064 Player 4 Small 800F1311 0000 800F0831 FFFF Player 1 Tall 800F0BD1 FFFF Player 2 Tall 800F0F71 FFFF Player 3 Tall 800F1311 FFFF Player 4 Tall D0047940 0020 Small When P1 Presses Z * 800F0BD1 0000 D0047940 0020 P3 Small When P1 Presses Z * 800F0F71 0000 D0047940 0020 P4 Small When P1 Presses Z * 800F1311 0000 810F1C70 0000 Makes P2 Move Back & Forth Fast ** 800F1C72 0001 800F0BDA 0064 810F1C90 0000 Makes P3 Move Back & Forth Fast ** 800F1C92 0002 800F0F7A 0064 810F1CB0 0000 Makes P4 Move Back & Forth Fast ** 800F1CB2 0003 800F131A 0064 810F1C15 00FF P2 Can't Make Other Players Run 800F0806 2617 P4 Can do Submisson Holds on P1 Forever *** 810F0800 2617 Ultimate Code For P1 **** 800F0811 DDEA When Running Always Head For Corners 800F0811 ABCF When Running Head For Corners But Punch in Other Directions Taunt Modifiers 800F07F9 00xx Player 1 800F0B99 00xx Player 2 800F0F39 00xx Player 3 800F12D9 00xx Player4 Replace xx with: 18 Lifts his arms in the air and drops them down suddenly. 19 The Claw, Shaman, Dean Malenko, Kevin Nash, Kim Chee, Blackheart. 20 Shaolin 21 Hannibal, Black Ninja 23 Part of Sumo Jo's taunt 24 Syxx 26 ??? (Raises his arms then dorps them down and stomps his feet) 27 Part of Eric Bischoff and Dim Sum's Taunt. 28 Saladin 29 Ali Baba 31 ??? (spreads out his arms) 32 Joe Brusiers Taunt. 33 Macho Man's Taunt. 35 Glacier's Taunt. 37 ??? (Bell rings when you knock him down on the mat.) 39 ??? (Raises his arms and then touches his tights) 45 Steven Regal (push B to jump up in the air and fall down, does a lot of damage.) 50 Giants second taunt 800F0B9B 00xx Strange Effect P1 Modifiers 800F0B9B 00xx Strange Effect P2 Modifiers 800F0F3B 00xx Strange Effect P3 Modifiers 800F12DB 00xx Strange Effect P4 Modifiers Replace xx with BB + 810F1C20 0000 Unmask Players 13 Be In P2 Corner 11 Constantly Being Hit 19 Run in Place 16 Constantly Taunting 21 Constant Cheap Moves 17 Constantly Acting Special 59 Constantly Falling Out of Ring 57 Never Give Up 55 Constantly Climbing Ropes 31 Press R to Lie Down Permanently 29 Constantly Flexing 29 Constantly Using Invisible Table 15 A Different Attack 07 Cheap Shot 09 Cheap Shot P2 49 Decapitate Player 47 Constantly Swinging Arms 41 Sound Like a Dog 65 Constantly Rolling 63 Constantly Falling 61 Constantly Punching 67 Constantly Floating 35 Press R To ACT Special 33 Frozen Players 23 Can't Get Out of Submission 23 Can't Reenter The Ring 16 Can't Grapple FFFF Tall Players

Version 1.1

800F171F 0000 Infinite Time 800F0B83 0064 Max. Spirit P1 800F0B83 0000 No Spirit P1 800F0BD1 0064 Max. Spirit P2 800F0BD1 0000 No Spirit P2 800DFD9F FFFF Have All Players 800F0F71 0064 Maximum Spirit P3 800F0F71 0000 No Spirit P3 800F1311 0064 Maximum Spirit P4 800F1311 0000 No Spirit P4 810606DA FFFF Have WWW League Challenge 800ECFFB 0000 Fake Infinite Time Out Of Ring 800F16F4 0014 Infinite Time Out Of Ring 880F16F4 0001 GS Button For Quick Out Of Ring Count Out 800F083A 0064 810F1C50 0000 Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P1 800F1C52 0000 800F083A 0064 810F1C50 0101 Always Have Baseball Bat P1 800F1C52 0000 800F083A 0024 810F1C50 0202 Always Have Silver Chair P1 800F1C52 0000 800F083A 0024 810F1C50 0303 Always Have Table Piece P1 800F1C52 0000 800F0BDA 0064 810F1C70 0000 Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P2 800F1C72 0001 800F0BDA 0064 810F1C70 0101 Always Have Baseball Bat P2 800F1C72 0001 800F0BDA 0024 810F1C70 0202 Always Have Silver Chair P2 800F1C72 0001 800F0BDA 0024 810F1C70 0303 Always Have Table Piece P2 800F1C72 0001 800F0F7A 0064 810F1C90 0000 Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P3 800F1C92 0002 800F0F7A 0064 810F1C90 0101 Always Have Baseball Bat P3 800F1C92 0002 800F0F7A 0024 810F1C90 0202 Always Have Silver Chair P3 800F1C92 0002 800F0F7A 0024 810F1C90 0303 Always Have Table Piece P3 800F1C92 0002 800F131A 0064 810F1CB0 0000 Always Have Aluminum Baseball Bat P4 800F1CB2 0003 800F131A 0064 810F1CB0 0101 Always Have Baseball Bat P4 800F1CB2 0003 800F131A 0024 810F1CB0 0202 Always Have Silver Chair P4 800F1CB2 0003 800F131A 0024 810F1CB0 0303 Always Have Table Piece P4 800F1CB2 0003 * The first line of each code is just like the activator code... The last two digits can be changed if you want to use a different button. ** You can only do back moves to the person that is retarted... But the person that is retarted can't do moves that well because it is hard to control. *** If you want to get off P1 just press the R button. When you get off of P1 he will lay there until you pick him up.....this code works for in the ring and out of the ring. **** This code makes P1 get special the whole time through the match. It also lets you do submission holds on any pforever until you press the R button. Also, when you slam somebody down on the ground they stay on the ground until you pick them up.

WCW vs nWo: World Tour BGM: Options Screen

Then and Now: Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan in his absolute physical prime in the WWF (circa 1987?)

Hulk Hogan today in TNA Wrestling (2010)

Booker T Official WWE Entrance Video 2012

Eve Official WWE Entrance Video

Brock Lesnar isn't playing games at SummerSlam

Matt Hardy Takes ROH Champ Kevin Steen Up On His Challenge

Superstars 'exchange' dating tips - "Santino's Foreign Exchange" - Episode 29

Z! True Long Island Story - Episode #80

Stealing the show - "Backstage Fallout" SmackDown - August 17, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Official Mistico (Sin Cara) CMLL Theme Song "Ameno"

Official Jerry "The King" Lawler WWE Theme Song

Official Damien Sandow WWE Theme Song "Aleluya De El Mesias"

WCW vs nWo: World Tour - Main Menu Theme Music

WWE Superstars: August 16, 2012 (Full Episode)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why Triple H vs Brock Lesnar Seems Pointless and Unnecessary

by Brian Phelps

As the road to Summerslam comes to a head, we're about to witness a clash of the titans between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Surprisingly, this is a feud that's been building for nearly 4 months, but you'd never know that because both men have barely been seen over those four months. We would go several weeks without seeing Triple H or Brock Lesnar. However, so far we've seen a contract dispute between these two, Triple H's arm broken by Lesnar, Lesnar and Paul Heyman file two lawsuits against Triple H and the WWE for breach of contract and assault and battery on Triple H, Challenges issued, challenges refused and then later accepted, Heyman assaulted by Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, as well as Shawn Michaels arm also being broken by Lesnar. All of this and there hasn't even been a match of any kind yet.

Despite all the star power in this feud, I'm really not that into it. First of all, the feud seems very forced. The whole thing just seems pointless and unnecessary. Third, this is a match that should have taken place 10 years ago, but now seems awkward and out of place. This entire match feels like something out of 2002. I mean you got Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman. It also doesn't help when there are several weeks worth of gaps in between each guys appearances over the last few months. How can I invest myself in a feud that stops and starts again all the time? Also, Brock Lesnar lost a lot of credibility when he was pinned clean by John Cena after being gone for 8 years earlier this year. Since Lesnar is 0-1 since his return, it makes him seem more beatable and less dangerous and thus takes some of the credibility out of his current feud with Triple H.

Although I am a fan of The Game, I'm kind of turned off by the fact that Summerslam is being main evented by 2 guys that have wrestled a combined 2 matches this entire year. I also don't like that both Wrestlemania and Summerslam are being headlined by guys that rarely wrestle anymore. It's because of this that this match between Triple H and Lesnar seems pointless and unnecessary. Who wants to watch a match between two guys that we probably won't see again for several months? I hate investing myself so much into part time wrestlers like Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and The Rock. Sure, it's a treat to see them again... but I feel like these superstars should be putting over new talent instead of old guys battling other old guys in matches that really have no meaning or pay off for either wrestler. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

WWE Releasing nWo DVD in November

WWE is releasing a dvd on the nWo wrestling faction and is slated for release on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Humor: Mick Foley as Mankind on Boy Meets World

Midlife crisis - "WWE Download" with Dolph Ziggler - Episode 29

Ring of Honor Wrestling: July 21, 2012 (Full Episode)

TNA No Surrender: September 9 On Pay-Per-View

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Kevin Nash vs DDP: WCW Thunder 1/8/98 (Full Match)

Ric Flair vs Val Venis: WWE Sunday Night Heat 1/2/2005 (Full Match)

Kane's gonna knock you out! - "Are You Serious?" - Episode 28

WWE Storyline Conflicts: Why Did Undertaker Help Kane At RAW 1000?

by Brian Phelps

At RAW 1000, just as Kane was about to be attacked by Jinder Mahal, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Drew McIntyre, and Hunico the Undertaker came out to save Kane. The five mid card superstars claimed that they had not received ANY opportunities dating back to the first episode of RAW. Both Kane and Undertaker laid waste to all five jobbers before doing their trademark taunts as the crowd chanted "This is awesome!".

Oddly enough though, this entire segment made absolutely NO SENSE storyline wise. Right off the bat, the jobbers reasons for attacking Kane made no sense. What does Kane have to do with them not receiving any opportunities? Wouldn't that be the General Managers fault? Also, wasn't Curt Hawkins a former tag team champion with Zack Ryder? Wasn't Drew McIntyre told by Vince McMahon that he was the "chosen one" early on in his WWE career? Also, I don't think any of these superstars were even in the WWE before 2006 so their claim that they had not received any opportunities since the first episode of RAW (which was in 1993) made no sense either. Curt Hawkins was about 8 years old when the first episode of RAW aired. 

Here's the real part that made no sense at all about this. Why did the Undertaker help Kane? Am I the only one that remembers that the last time the Brothers of Destruction were together, that Kane left the Undertaker in a vegetative state, turned Paul Bearer against the Undertaker, and buried the Undertaker alive with the help of the Nexus? So, this whole segment from top to bottom really made absolutely zero sense. I mean I get that it's the 1000th episode of RAW and they're trying to be nostalgic, but there were better ways to reintroduce the Brothers of Destruction in a way that didn't completely contradict their own story arcs. 

WWE Friday Night SmackDown: August 10, 2012 (Full Episode)

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Friday, August 10, 2012

WWE Superstars: August 9, 2012 (Full Episode)

FAQ: Who Were The Corre In WWE?

Answer: The Corre was a heel faction on the Smackdown brand that consisted of Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and Ezekiel Jackson. The faction debuted on January 11, 2011 and lasted through June 10, 2011. The Corre was a spin off of The Nexus who claimed to be a group of equals unlike the Nexus which consisted of a bunch of followers and a strong leader. They were basically a watered down version of the original Nexus. The Corre fizzled out when they felt that Ezekiel Jackson was overshadowing the rest of the group. The rest of the group dissolved once they figured out that Wade Barrett was in it for himself. 

CM Punk Blasts Chris Brown, Says Nothing About Charlie Sheen

by Brian Phelps

Back in February 2012, CM Punk made media waves by calling out Chris Brown on twitter for his assault on Rihanna. Punk took Brown to task because he felt that Chris Brown thought his recent grammy win erased his past personal mistakes. He even challenged Chris Brown to a fight where the proceeds would go to charitable causes. Punk repeatedly made it clear that he doesn't like bullies and doesn't like men who beat up on women. 

Now, here's the hypocrisy in CM Punk's behavior. In July 2012, only 5 months after Punk's beef with Chris Brown, the WWE hires convicted wife beater Charlie Sheen as the "social media ambassador" for the 1000th Episode of RAW. Here's the thing, CM Punk hasn't spoken out against Charlie Sheen. You'd think for a guy that is so passionate about his disdain for men that abuse women that he would have protested his own company's hiring of a convicted wife beater. Charlie Sheen has a 20 year rap sheet of abusing women. He accidentally shot his fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm in 1990. Ex-wife Denise Richards has said that Charlie Sheen threatened her and engaged in alcohol and drug abuse. In 2009 he was charged with assault on his now ex-wife Brooke Mueller (It was stated that Sheen pulled a knife on his wife). Coincidentally, he was charged with assaulting his then wife the same year that Chris Brown was charged with assaulting Rihanna (the incident that Punk attacked Brown over). What I also find interesting is that to my knowledge, Charlie Sheen has never really displayed much public remorse for his actions where as Chris Brown at least took the time to issue a public apology. Yet, CM Punk attacks Chris Brown but says nothing about Charlie Sheen. Why has CM Punk given Charlie Sheen a pass? CM Punk talked about how picking up trash on the side of the road doesn't mean Chris Brown paid for what he did to Rihanna. Funny thing is, to my knowledge, Charlie Sheen didn't even pick up trash lol. This is the hypocrisy of CM Punk. I'm not defending Chris Brown at all or Charlie Sheen. I'm just saying it's not right that CM Punk calls out Chris Brown for beating women, but doesn't say anything about convicted wife beater Charlie Sheen working for WWE. Where was CM Punk's fight challenge to Charlie Sheen? Where was CM Punk's defense of Sheen's ex-wives Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards? Don't get me wrong. I'm actually a fan of CM Punk, but I just have a problem with CM Punk's "selective" treatment on the issue. 

This is also the hypocrisy of not only CM Punk's selective treatment towards men who beat women, but it's also a complete indictment of the WWE's "Be A Star" anti-bullying campaign. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in WWE's "Be A Star" anti-bullying campaign and hiring a convicted wife beater? 

Top 6 Things WWE Ruined

Over the years, the WWE has given wrestling fans countless memories and moments. However, one thing that is never mentioned is all the things that the WWE has ruined over the years. From wrestlers to pay-per-views to entire organizations, the WWE has ruined a lot of great things over the years. On WWE's "Are You Serious" Youtube Show, they always say "WCW ruins everything". Well, I'm here to go back and give a run down of all the great things WWE has ruined over the years. 

WWE ruined the once prestigious Crusierweight Title. 

In 2001, the WWE bought out WCW. In the process, they decided to carry over the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and continue its lineage in the WWE. The WCW Cruiserweight Championship was held by legendary performers such as Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, the Ultimo Dragon, and Dean Malenko.  The WWE was never able to really recapture the magic of the WCW Cruiserweight Division, but that's not what ruined the Cruiserweight title. It was ruined in 2007 when Hornswoggle captured the Cruiserweight title. Hornswoggle who isn't even an actual wrestler won the Cruiserweight title and actually held it longer than legends like the Ultimo Dragon, Chris Candido, and Lance Storm. As a result of this, the Cruiserweight title lost all its credibility. Sadly, Hornswoggle was also the last Cruiserweight champion as the belt was vacated and decommissioned after Hornswoggle's reign. A title once known for amazing battles between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero went out with a "leprechaun" as the final champion. Thanks a lot WWE. 

WWE Ruined The Great American Bash Pay-Per-View

Once upon a time, The Great American Bash was one of the hottest pro wrestling pay-per-views on the market. It was once headlined by classic encounters such as Sting vs Ric Flair in 1990, Ric Flair vs Lex Luger in 1991, and was even home to the infamous "Human Torch Match" where Sting was lit on fire by Vampiro and fell off the the top of the Turner Tron in 2000. Once the WWE bought out WCW in 2001, it appeared that The Great American Bash had come to an end. However, WWE decided to revive the WCW pay-per-view in 2004 with an updated logo. The new logo was a reflection of what the new WWE version of The Great American Bash would come to be... generic. The new logo took all the American attitude out of the classic logos and replaced it with a totally generic looking logo that looked more like something you'd see on a campaign sign in someone's front yard.  Unfortunately, the WWE was never able to put together a memorable Great American Bash of their own. The revamped WWE version came across as "just another pay-per-view" rather than a true homage to the original. The only classic match that took place at the WWE's Great American Bash was the Bobby Lashley vs John Cena WWE Championship match in 2007. Aside from that match, it was just a really watered down version of the original. This was yet another attempt by WWE to "WWE-ize" something great that WCW created. It was another failed attempt by the WWE to try to out do something that WCW did better. To make matters worse, in 2009 the WWE changed the name from "The Great American Bash" to just "The Bash"... which made no sense and made it seem EVEN MORE generic than before. WWE has trashed The Great American Bash's reputation so badly that it's not even a pay-per-view spectacular anymore as last month (July 2012) The Great American Bash was nothing more than a glorified special edition of Friday Night Smackdown on the SyFy network (The only positive aspect of this edition was that WWE changed the name back from "The Bash" to "The Great American Bash").  The last Great American Bash that aired on Friday Night Smackdown was headlined by mid-carder Zack Ryder winning a battle royal to decide who would be the Smackdown General Manager for one week. It's amazing how far The Great American Bash fell once WWE got a hold of it. 

WWE Ruined ECW

In 2006, Vince McMahon decided to relaunch the ECW promotion as a new brand. The cult organization was popular for its extreme matches, racy sexual themes, and liberal use of profanity which at the time pushed the envelope farther than any wrestling organization ever had and truly established itself as an alternative to the traditional wrestling programs that WCW and WWE (then known as WWF) offered. When Vince decided to relaunch ECW he did a pretty decent job of trying to stay true to the original product and as a result it was a financial and critical success with events such as ECW One Night Stand in 2005 and the beginning of ECW in 2006. When the show relaunched, it featured mostly original ECW superstars like Paul Heyman, Sabu, Taz, and RVD and even brought back ECW commentator Joey Styles. The show was even produced differently from the WWE shows. However, as time passed ECW became more and more like the other WWE programs and began to strip away the very things that made the brand a success. Slowly, Vince McMahon managed to turn a true homage to the original ECW into nothing more than another Velocity (Velocity was a WWE show that featured only lower mid-carders and jobbers). As time went by, the ECW Originals were released and replaced with a bunch of no names. WWE managed to take away everything that made ECW what it was and then wondered why the ratings fell. People that tuned in to watch Rob Van Dam, The Sandman, and Sabu instead were forced to watch a bunch of no names such as Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von. To add insult to injury, after they pretty much got rid of all the ECW Originals they even changed the classic title belt to a silver belt that looked really awkward. Why would a Heavyweight Title be silver? Silver is universally recognized as 2nd best. No one wants to win a Silver Medal so why would you want to win a Silver Belt? They even watered down the logo by taking the barbwire off of the letters and watered down the theme music.

WWE Ruined Hell in a Cell

Back in the day, the match to end all matches was the Hell in a Cell match. Hell in a Cell was a match only used to end the most bitter of feuds. It was also only used to settle the Undertaker's feuds. Undertaker used Hell in a Cell to help end feuds with Shawn Michaels and Mankind, and because it was only used to end feuds it would go on to breed some of the most legendary wrestling matches of all-time. Fast forward to the present, and the Hell in a Cell is an entire gimmick pay-per-view. Part of the allure of the Hell in a Cell match was that you never knew when one would take place. Now, you see it every year at the same pay-per-view, and it's not just one Hell in a Cell match at the pay-per-view... it's as many as three. As a result, the match has lost a lot of its aura and value because it's over used and now anybody could wind up in a Hell in a Cell match. Before, there was only a handful of guys that you MIGHT see in a Hell in a Cell match. Now, even Alberto Del Rio has been in a Hell in a Cell match. The match isn't used only to end the biggest feuds anymore. Now, it's just another match... much like the Steel Cage match. I don't even get excited for Hell in a Cell matches anymore because they're not near as brutal as they used to be, the match is over used, and it's often times not used in the proper circumstances. It was only supposed to be used when all other options have been exhausted and the feuding wrestlers had nothing else left. 

WWE Ruined Diamond Dallas Page

In WCW, Diamond Dallas Page established himself as the original people's champion, a hard working talent who got himself over the old fashioned way. It was because of this every man gimmick that DDP was able to become a 3-time WCW World Champion and arguably the greatest U.S. Champion of all-time. However, after Vince bought out WCW... Diamond Dallas Page just had to be "WWE-ized". So, instead of being the hard working people's champion that he had become known for... WWE thought it would be a good idea to make DDP a deranged pervert by stalking the Undertaker's then wife Sara. This storyline was lame because it didn't make any sense with DDP's already long established personality as an honest every man. Why the WWE thought they would take one of WCW's biggest names and make him a mid-card stalker is beyond me. It was a complete waste of DDP's talent and abilities. WWE's Diamond Dallas Page was just way too cartoony and over the top. It only took the WWE a couple of months to completely ruin DDP. 

WWE Ruined the U.S. Title

Throughout the illustrious history of the United States Championship, it has been held time and time again by some of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots. In the titles prime, it was held by such greats as Harley Race, Ric Flair, Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper, Lex Luger, Sting, Scott Hall, Steve Austin, Diamond Dallas Page, and Bill Goldberg. Much like the Cruiserweight title, when WWE bought out WCW they decided to continue the lineage of the US Championship. The title lost a lot of importance in WWE due to the fact that there was another 2nd tier belt (the Intercontinental Title), and the overall quality of wrestlers holding the belt took a dip early on but the title remained relevant. However, after 2006 the US title began to lose its credibility, prestige, and importance because it was being defended less and less often. For instance, during the Miz's first US title reign he held the title for seven months, but he only defended the title a couple of times during that whole seven month period. He seemed to spend all his time defending his tag team title with the Big Show, and the US Championship was ignored completely as The Miz would go months without defending it. This now seems to be the pattern among the 2nd tier champions in WWE. They win the US Championship, hold it for 3-4 months, but only defend it like twice during their entire reign as champ. Gone are the days of fighting champions like Diamond Dallas Page and Bill Goldberg, who took on all comers each and every week. It's sad that the US Championship doesn't mean anything anymore. It's just a belt now. In WCW, you had champions like Sting, Ric Flair, DDP, and Goldberg. In WWE, you got Santino Marella as the champion. In WCW, Santino would've never been the US Champ. Comedy gimmicks were for the TV Title like Disco Inferno back then. I remember when people bought WCW PPVs to see Goldberg and DDP defend the US Championship. It's amazing how far the US Championship has fallen off since WWE took it over. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Was Mark Henry's ECW Title Win A Pity Reign For the Michael Hayes Incident?

by Brian Phelps

Back in 2008, it was being reported by's Jason Powell that former Fabulous Freebird and Head Creative Writer of Smackdown at the time Michael Hayes allegedly told Mark Henry "I'm more of a n***** than you are."

This reportedly happened at a party during Wrestlemania XXIV weekend at the end of March 2008. Wrestlemania XXIV took place on March 30, 2008. Michael Hayes was allegedly suspended for the racial slur for 60 days.

Mark Henry was moved from Smackdown to the ECW brand in June of 2008, and the month of June he won the ECW World Championship and held it for three months. Now, what's interesting is that if Michael Hayes was suspended for 60 days at the end of March, then he would have been returning to Smackdown in June which is the exact same time that they moved Mark Henry to ECW. Upon Michael Hayes return to Smackdown, Mark Henry wins the ECW World Title.

This makes you wonder if Mark Henry's ECW title run was a pity reign given to Mark by the WWE as an apology for Michael Hayes actions. Or could it have been WWE's way of protecting themselves from a possible lawsuit? Mark Henry could have filed a discrimination lawsuit against WWE, but by moving Henry to ECW and giving him the ECW World Title there is no way that Henry could have won a discrimination suit anymore. WWE played their cards right on this one. By suspending Michael Hayes and moving Henry to ECW upon Hayes return to Smackdown from his suspension, Mark Henry couldn't say that WWE neglected to do anything when the incident was reported. Then by giving Mark Henry the ECW World Title, Mark Henry can't claim that Michael Hayes discrimination resulted in Mark Henry being held down because he became a World Champion. It was very smart by WWE. That way, everyone wins. The bad guy gets punished, the victim gets compensated, and the company's image and finances weren't damaged by a lawsuit. 

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Last night on the August 3, 2012 edition of WWE Smackdown, Vince McMahon officially named 6-time World Champion Booker T the new General Manager of Smackdown. 

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