Sunday, November 20, 2011

WWE Allegedly Takes Cheap Shot at TNA in New "Kliq" Article?

by Brian Phelps

On, a new article written by Ryan Murphy titled "Kliq Speaks Out on Nash, Triple H" provides insight into the background of the Triple H/Kevin Nash feud while taking what could be interpreted as a shot at TNA Wrestling. In the article it stated that,

Did you catch the part where said that after a brief stop in WWE in 2002 that Nash seemed to flounder for much of the decade? This seems to be an obvious shot at TNA Wrestling as after WWE opted not to renew Nash's contract in January of 2004, he immediately went to TNA Wrestling in November of 2004 and stayed with the company all the way through January of 2011. So, the comment that he was floundering for much of the decade seemed to be a not-so-subtle shot at his time in TNA. What's funny is that you can't say that Kevin Nash floundered when he was in TNA. Nash had more than his share of moments. He mentored Samoa Joe, feuded with Mick Foley over the Television Title (then known as the Legends Title), joined the Main Event Mafia stable, reformed the nWo (under the name The Band) with Scott Hall and X-Pac, and semi-reformed a nWo Wolfpack tag team with Sting before leaving TNA. He was a two-time TNA Legends Champion (TV Champion) defeating Mick Foley, and a TNA tag team champion with Scott Hall. So to say that Kevin Nash floundered in TNA is a steaming crock of bull.

The funnier part is that Dixie Carter GRANTED Kevin Nash his release from TNA back in January, right after he signed a brand new deal with TNA. She let him go back to WWE which actually hurt TNA as at the time they were teasing a Main Event Mafia return, and it was later reported by that Spike was dealing directly through Eric Bischoff because they lost faith in Dixie after she failed to come through with the Main Event Mafia return. It's amusing that WWE would take appear to take a shot at Kevin Nash's time with TNA Wrestling seeings how Kevin Nash wouldn't have been able to even go back to WWE this year if Dixie Carter hadn't granted him his release.

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