Wednesday, November 16, 2011

6 Storylines That WWE Never Resolved in 2011

by Brian Phelps

Recently, the WWE has been writing a lot of interesting stories. The problem is WWE has been really bad lately about not explaining, or just never resolving lengthy storylines. This seems to be a growing trend within the WWE. I'm here to highlight several stories and scenarios that happened this year that WWE just swept under the rug, and never explained.

1) Whatever happened to the New Nexus? Did anyone else notice that one day the New Nexus just wasn't there? They never officially disbanded. After CM Punk defeated John Cena at Money in the Bank he left for a week and came back with a new theme song, lost the New Nexus t-shirt and began his "Best in the World" gimmick. Meanwhile, David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty began coming out to a new theme song and for some reason McGillicutty would be sporting doo rags and backward hats all of a sudden. Mason Ryan seemingly disappeared one day and just now rematerialized a few weeks ago as a face. Then, one day David Otunga just started showing up with a bow tie talking lawyer speak. They had a segment where lawyer Otunga and CM Punk were in the same room, but they acted like the New Nexus never existed.

2) CM Punk never exacts revenge on Kevin Nash for costing him the WWE title. At Summerslam, Kevin Nash came out and attacked CM Punk, costing him the WWE title as Alberto Del Rio cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and picked up the scraps. CM Punk and Kevin Nash for the next few weeks engaged in back and forth promos and then it was all but certain that CM Punk and Kevin Nash were going to face off in a match. Well, Triple H decided to replace Nash in the match against CM Punk because Triple H got tired of CM Punk bad mouthing his wife. From that point on, CM Punk never exacted revenge and Kevin Nash all of a sudden just stopped bothering CM Punk. 

3) Why did Kevin Nash break into Triple H's office to send a text message to himself? WWE never explained why Nash went through all the trouble of breaking into the boss's office to send a text to himself. This had nothing to do with the sledgehammer attack on Triple H, in which Nash said he attacked Triple H because The Game wouldn't reform the Kliq.

4) Why did Kevin Nash speed away in a limo with John Laurinaitis? Why did Nash speed away in a limo with John Laurinaitis the night Triple H fired him? WWE never explained this.

5) Whatever happened to the Anonymous RAW General Manager? The Anonymous RAW GM was there one week, and then gone the next with absolutely no explanation.

6) Whatever happened to the Conspiracy storyline? For months we heard from R-Truth that there was a conspiracy. Then CM Punk spoke of a conspiracy, and then R-Truth convinced The Miz that there was a conspiracy. Add to that the suspicious actions of John Laurinaitis and Kevin Nash and we thought we were on the verge of something huge. Was it Triple H or John Laurinaitis that was behind this conspiracy? Or did Vince have a hand in it? However, Kevin Nash has since claimed that his actions were because Triple H refused to put the Kliq back together, and R-Truth/Miz have just sort of forgotten there was ever a conspiracy all together. John Laurinaitis just walks around mumbling his position in the company. So, now no one is mentioning a conspiracy anymore. Another story arc that was just forgotten about.


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  1. Number 5 was solved, it was decided that Santino Marella would become a detective, then he would discover that it was Hornswoggle as the Anonymous GM, because then nobody would want to get revenge on him, and they could just get over it