Thursday, June 30, 2011

WWE Delivers Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara

by Brian Phelps (

This past Monday night on RAW, fans were treated to Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara. This was one of, if not the best match on RAW this year. After WWE rigged the Power to the People votes and chose Mason Ryan over Evan Bourne to face Sin Cara, WWE has received major backlash far and wide by the wrestling media. At first, they tried to hide their wrong doing and pretend it was some major glitch in the voting system. I've never heard of any glitches on American Idol, Survivor (player of the season voting), or anything else so in a place where everything is scripted and planned... it was an "accident" that the unpopular Mason Ryan was chosen over Sin Cara. YEAH RIGHT. Also, if it was a glitch in the voting system... how did they figure out that Sin Cara should've gotten those votes and not Jack Swagger (I know Sin Cara is more popular but I mean in terms of fixing the glitch)? Then, if it was a glitch and an accident then why did they say they were "making it up" to the fans with Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara the following week when it wasn't their fault? That's how you know they are blowing so much smoke up peoples butts. It's just like RAW Roulette is obviously staged too.

RAW Roulette was fixed too. They spin the wheel, and then zoom far enough in to where you can only see the top of the wheel... so that someone hiding below the wheel can slow the wheel down on the match that they wrote in the script for the two wrestlers to have. Seriously, at least try to make it hard for us to figure out lol.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DDP and Booker T WCW Reunion on RAW

by Brian Phelps (

On RAW last night, the legendary Diamond Dallas Page (in great shape) showed up on a WWE TV broadcast for the first time in a decade and shared a memorable, though brief moment with fellow WCW alumni and legend Booker T. The moment brought back waves of nostalgia seeing two of the greatest to ever do it embrace. Then much to everyone's shock Shawn Michaels walked in to make the scene that much more memorable. Three of the biggest figures from the Monday Night Wars in the same place at the same time. It was epic just to see DDP and HBK in the same room (Shawn Michaels was gone from WWE during the Invasion story line, and DDP was gone by the time HBK returned in 2002). Another History making moment from this past Monday Night RAW.

Did CM Punk Go Off Script?

by Brian Phelps (

On RAW earlier tonight, CM Punk changed the course of wrestling history. He created a defining game changer in professional wrestling. It was beyond controversial. It was beyond edgy. Not since 'Razor Ramon' jumped the guard rail on WCW Nitro and implied he was sent by the WWF to take over has a moment rocked wrestling like this and had fans asking themselves if it was real or not. CM Punk has been proclaiming for weeks that his contract is coming up and he is not going to renew it, which is unusual in itself. During the John Cena/R-Truth tables match, he ran out and costed Cena the match... but then oddly grabbed a microphone and walked up the entrance ramp and sat down. Then... he opened his mouth.

CM Punk committed every cardinal sin a wrestler can make. He came out wearing another wrestlers shirt. He mentioned other promotions (a big no no in WWE) when he proclaimed that he would walk out of the company as the World Champion and maybe go defend the belt in New Japan Pro Wrestling or maybe go back to Ring of Honor. He shouted out a non-WWE employee... ROH wrestler Colt Cabana, waving at the camera and saying "Hey Colt Cabana, how you doing?" He told John Cena that he actually liked John Cena, that he didn't hate him. He told Cena he was really great at kissing Vince McMahons ass... as good as Hulk Hogan was and almost as good as Dwayne (The Rock). He broke the fourth wall by looking at the people at home and waving. He then talks about how he is sick of the idea that John Cena is the best wrestler. Punk says he is the best WRESTLER and has been since day one. He told us that The Rock headlining Wrestlemania 28 makes him sick. The icing on the cake is when he says that maybe the company would be better off if Vince McMahon were dead, but it won't because it will be ran by his idiot daughter (Stephanie) and doofus son-in-law (Triple H). He even credited Paul Heyman for giving him a chance "Yes, I'm a Paul Heyman guy". CM Punk committed probably every no no that you could do in the business. Now, everyone has been asking if it was real or scripted after his microphone was cut off and the show was cut off during his anti-WWE rant. It was said that after RAW went off the air Michael Cole stated that Punk was suspended indefinitely, but were the WWE just trying to save face by trying to cover up Punk's off script antics? Whether it was scripted, real, imaginary... it doesn't matter. The world is talking about it. CM Punks shoot promo just joined the hostile take over of WCW, Austins 3:16 speech, and Shane McMahons purchase of WCW as the most shocking moments in professional wrestling history.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sting Takes On Heath Ledger "Joker" Gimmick

by Brian Phelps

It's now 2011 and the winds of gimmick reinvention are in the air. Two weeks ago on Impact Wrestling, Sting snapped in Hulk Hogan's office, smearing paint on Hogan's face and laughing psychotically. Then on this past edition of Impact, Eric Bischoff called out the Stinger... but when Sting came out something had changed about him. His face paint was distorted, and resembled Heath Ledger's 'Joker' character from The Dark Knight. He got in Bischoff's face and even talked like Ledger's Joker before brutalizing Bischoff and smearing red paint on his face. Later that night, he continued his havoc as he butchered Abyss's face with a glove wrapped in barbed wire. So, it appears that we are watching the transformation of 'The Crow' Sting into 'The Joker' Sting, and I'm loving it. However, this isn't the first time Sting has changed...

In 1996, the man called Sting began what went on to become the greatest gimmick reinvention in pro wrestling history. At that time, the nWo were taking over and many of Sting's closest allies believed he had gone rogue. Feeling betrayed, Sting went into hiding. When he finally did reemerge from the shadows a few weeks later, gone was the colorful face paint and surfer persona that the Stinger was famous the world over for. In its place was a brooding avenger donning a trench coat and wielding an unforgiving black bat. The colorful face paint was replaced by black and white paint resembling author James O'Barr's character Eric Draven. In essence, Sting became the squared circles take on The Crow.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WWE Power to the People Bombs Big Time

The 3 hour "Power to the People" edition of RAW failed in one key aspect; it didn't give power to the people. I caught right off the bat that it was rigged. As soon as Mason Ryan was chosen as Evan Bournes opponent over Sin Cara (Mistico) I  knew it was nothing but smoke and mirrors. Sin Cara is the most popular wrestler in Mexico, not to mention one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE. A match-up between Sin Cara and Evan "Air" Bourne is considered a dream match to many purists. Mason Ryan hasn't even gotten over yet, and no one even takes him seriously as evidenced by the mocking "Batista" chants during the match and boos when he was chosen as Bourne's opponent. You can probably count on one hand the number of singles matches he's had on RAW. Sin Cara is undefeated, while Mason Ryan at this point is nothing more than a poor man's Batista.

Also, the Mark Henry vs Kane Arm Wrestling segment totally bombed. If the power was truly in the people's hands then why were they chanting "This is stupid!" during that segment? Then WWE Creative thought it would be a dynamite idea to have Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole have a dance off. I mean seriously, whoever wrote this garbage needs to be fired. This was a down right horrible RAW. I had so many bones to pick about this RAW that it's not even funny. I am coming out and pointing a finger at WWE and telling them that "Power to the People" was a total lie. It was rigged from the start.

If WWE truly gave the power to the people, then Zack Ryder would be getting pushed and not left off the card entirely, Kofi Kingston and Christian would be the WWE and World Heavyweight Champions instead of Cena/Orton, Ted Dibiase wouldn't be getting buried, Jim Ross and Lawler would be reunited on play-by-play, and Michael Cole and Hornswoggle would be gone. That is Power to the People.

WWE wonders why their PPV buy rates are plummeting... what... with awesome build like this who wouldn't want to buy this crap? You can say what you want about Impact, and their ratings or whatever... but Impact Wrestling is putting on a better quality program right now and no amount of Austin or Piper one night offs is going to change that. Smackdown has been putting on better shows than RAW lately too. It's not that people don't care about wrestling anymore, it's that when you put on stupid shows like this... who wants to watch it or buy ppvs?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sting Snaps!

This past Thursday on Impact, Sting cut one of his best promos that I've ever seen on Hulk Hogan. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Fortune is Better than The Nexus

by Brian Phelps (

A year ago, I said that Fortune was a much better faction than Nexus. Everyone laughed at me as I stated in my last blog post. Back then, the Nexus was a dominant group of rookies taking the WWE by force. Meanwhile, Fortune was comprised of AJ Styles, Kaz, and Beer Money. AJ Styles was #1 in the last PWI 500, and had just come off a 7 month World Title reign as well as a TV Title run. Beer Money are TNA's premier tag team, and the current tag champions. Beer Money also had that amazing best of 5 series of matches against the Motor City Machine Guns. Kaz just came off a X-Division title run. They are the 4 guys who have been with TNA from the beginning and built the company from the ground up before all the "superstars" arrived. Then to make them that much greater, they were led by the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair who founded the group to be the new 4 Horsemen incarnation. Yet somehow, everyone said I was crazy for thinking they were the better faction, but back then it was different. I saw the silver lining. The elephant in the room that no one wanted to see... and that is that WWE can't do factions as I stated in the last blog. Now, Fortune is still going strong while what's left of the Nexus has fizzled down to irrelevancy. AJ Styles is embroiled in a strong feud with top heel Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer. Beer Money is still the tag team champions, and Robert Roode is about to get the push of his life. They are grooming him to become a huge singles star. Kaz is the leader and face of the X-Division. Now, let's examine the Nexus... or what's left of it. The New Nexus is now nothing more than CM Punk and a few mindless guys with no personality. I mean... when is the last time a New Nexus member (besides CM Punk) even cut a promo?? The New Nexus stopped being interesting the moment CM Punk took over because they just became essentially a rehash of the Straight Edge Society with CM Punk preaching for Otunga, Mason Ryan, and McGillicutty to have "faith"... "believe in him"... and throwing up their fists to CM Punk in the same cult-like fashion as SES. The only difference is they don't have their heads shaved lol. None of the Nexus guys have even been in a real story line or feud (other than Punk). They're boring now and have completely lost their identity. To say they are better than Fortune is a bad joke. The Nexus went from new and different to just some generic mindless heels. The only thing the Nexus has ever accomplished is a couple of meaningless tag title reigns that did nothing to build them further or add anything to their characters. Not to mention, the kicked out and changed members a hundred times. Fortune destroys Nexus on star power alone. Fortune actually has personality (you see them in the back dressing up, or drinking together or getting girls together. They actually come off like friends. They don't come off so scripted and rehearsed with the same cookie cutter bad guy persona that WWE tends to use with all their factions.) Not to mention, even Fortunes theme song embodies who they are and has personality. It's not just another main stream WWE rock song. Fortunes song is specifically written about Fortune. I love CM Punk to death, but since he took over the New Nexus are just some mindless drones and that's WWE creatives fault. Just like Rhodes and Dibiase were in Legacy. Just like Slater and Gabriel in The Corre. WWE uses the same formula for all their factions. The same cookie cutter lackey bad guy persona. You know what I'm talking about... the whole leader does all the talking, and all the other members in the group do is just mindlessly run in during the leaders matches and lack any shred or morsel of personality. Fortune is a really well done faction. If you watch both WWE and TNA, or watched the attitude era or NWA in the late '80s... then you already know and understand why and how Fortune is the better faction. It's sad too, because Nexus started out so promising.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is The Corre Finished?

On Smackdown Friday Night, Wade Barrett walked out on fellow Corre members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, prompting me to ask the big question. Is the Corre finished? If indeed they are then I'm definitely not surprised. The Corre was a faction that completely lacked any real direction from the time they formed or should I say broke off from the Nexus and went to Smackdown. The defining difference between The New Nexus and The Corre was that The Corre were equals Barrett always said, yet Slater and Gabriel were the same mindless henchmen in the Corre that they were in The Nexus. The group was all about protecting Wade Barrett as always. In the course of a few months, The Corre went from a group of guys that had once dominated the likes of every RAW superstar including John Cena to jobbing to the laughing stock of the company... Santino Marella. On Smackdown, they decided to take Ezekiel Jackson under their wing, said they were taking over, and then never amounted to anything. It's quite sad when you can recall Barrett, Slater, and Gabriel along with 5 other Nexus members surrounding the ring like a pack of wolves and preying on a helpless superstar... and now they don't even have enough guys to surround the ring. Both the Corre and New Nexus are shells of the former dominant original Nexus, and both are going out with a whimper after starting red hot. That's the kicker about the WWE. They just can't do factions very well and never have been able to. I remember a year ago telling everyone that Fortune was a better faction than the Nexus. Everyone laughed at me, and said I was crazy but it looks like I got the last laugh. I knew they were all along because WWE can't do factions. They're horrible at it. Their biggest success was Degeneration-X, and Bischoff said it best on RAW one day when he told HBK and The Game that D-X was "Nothing more than a really good rip-off of the nWo". Shawn asked HHH, "We weren't a rip-off of the nWo were we?" and HHH patted Shawn on the back and responded, "Does it really matter?"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Disco Inferno Returns! (Mr. Anderson wows again)

On Impact, it was promoted as the first edition of Sting's "Scorpion Sitdown" interview show (like Piper's Pit). Well, we were all fooled when Anderson came out dressed as old school Sting again. Mr.Anderson once again looks just like old school Sting and I truly believe that these impersonations are doing wonders for Anderson's career in terms of being memorable. Anyway, Anderson comes out and claims that he is going to call out someone from Sting's past. You start wondering... who could it be? The obvious choice would be someone from WCW that is currently in TNA... Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Ric Flair are obvious choices. Shannon Moore is a less obvious choice since he was in WCW during its dying days as a member of the boy band faction '3 Count'. You also wonder if they could get someone from WCW that is not affiliated with WWE, but not in TNA. You think guys like Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner. Now, Rick Steiner seems like the best choice because Sting and Luger were great friends with the Steiners in WCW... and because Rick Steiner was almost always a face. Well... shocker time! Anderson calls out... Disco Inferno? Really? The one guy you would least suspect. Sting and Disco really didn't interact, and to my knowledge they never even had a match against each other. I'm baffled as to the logic of that choice, but nevertheless it is awesome to see Disco. Disco looks like he hasn't aged at all, and really added a lot to that segment. It really made me miss Disco Inferno. Impact Wrestling needs to sign back Disco Inferno even if he's only a jobber. He's still very entertaining. Once again, Anderson wowed as old school Sting and Disco Inferno made a memorable appearance by defending Sting and not backing down to Anderson. Great moment on Impact!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Christian Falls Even Further Out of the Title Hunt

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Christian dropping the belt in 2 days was NOT part of a "bigger storyline" for Christian. I told the naysayers and WWE defenders that it wasn't part of a bigger storyline for Christian, but it was actually the end of the Edge storyline. That Christian won the belt to end the Edge storyline, and was just holding the belt until Randy Orton got there. It appears that all my claims were validated, since Christian lost the belt to Orton, invoked the rematch clause and lost the rematch, and now he has lost the number 1 contender status to Sheamus. Yeah, he LOST the number one contender spot. So now, Christian is officially an upper mid-carder again... which is sad to say because WWE is seriously dropping the ball on Christian... AGAIN. Hopefully, Christian will come to his senses and when his contract is up go back to TNA where he was properly used and treated like the superstar he is. WWE one day is going to slap themselves saying "Why did we let this guy slip through the cracks?" the same way they have with Mr.Perfect, Rick Rude, Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka etc. Yes, Christian may have won the title unlike those guys... but he immediately lost it the following show which means his title reign was meaningless and did nothing for Christian but make him look like the weakest champion ever. It's the fact that just like those guys, WWE never explored how high those guys could take the company. How is WWE going to let Jack Swagger have a longer title reign than Christian? This is the kind of crud that is making people give up on pro wrestling. So to all those who claimed that Christian dropping the title was part of a bigger storyline for Christian, I just want to say I told you so.