Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Hulk Hogan is Wrong About Robert Roode Not Being Ready

by Brian Phelps

Just before Bound For Glory, Hulk Hogan made some negative comments about Robert Roode. Hogan claimed that Roode wasn't ready to be "The Guy" in TNA. In the last couple of months, TNA has been building up Robert Roode with good writing, good matches, great video packages and great overall build toward his title match with Kurt Angle which all pointed to Bound For Glory being Roode's "time". Originally, Roode was scheduled to beat Angle for the title. However, at the last minute TNA flipped and decided to have Angle win. Now, word has it that Hogan lobbied heavily against Roode winning the World Title and Hogan may have been the big factor in why TNA changed their minds on putting the belt on Roode.

There are a few things that just don't jive about this to me. Why does Hogan's opinions carry any weight? I mean wasn't it Hulk Hogan who was convinced for his first 6-8 months in TNA that Abyss was just "The Man" and pushed Abyss so hard in what was ultimately an epic fail? He wasted his first match in TNA tagging with Abyss, gave Abyss his Hall of Fame Ring, and even his WCW theme song all in an attempt to push Abyss to the moon because Hogan was convinced that Abyss was "the guy". I don't know anyone who ever thought that Abyss was the guy who would carry the torch for TNA. Where is Abyss now? He's barely on the card at the moment. So, why should we believe Hogan about Roode? Not to mention that Hogan never even explained why he felt Roode wasn't ready yet to be champion. There was no reasoning or substance given to Hogan's opinions about Roode. Hogan said if anyone was next in line to be "the man" in TNA that it would be Jeff Hardy. No offense to Jeff Hardy, but at this time he is unreliable. He ruined a pay-per-view event and has a storied history when it comes to drug use. I'm not saying he can't be the man again, but it's too soon in my opinion and he has not earned the right to be a top guy in the company again. I hate to say it, but he can't be trusted yet because he has to rebuild his trust. So let's look at the facts. Hogan said Roode isn't ready, but this is coming from the same guy who thought Abyss should be the top dog and then stated that Jeff Hardy should be the man mere months after he ruined TNA's Victory Road Pay-Per-View in addition to his already storied history of drug use and unreliable behavior. So, once again I ask... why should we believe Hulk Hogan's opinions on who should be the man in TNA?

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  1. This is just a prime example of why Hogan is bad for TNA.