Sunday, July 8, 2012

WWE Rips Off "TNA Reaction" with "Backstage Fallout"

by Brian Phelps

A few months ago, WWE debuted a new youtube show called "Backstage Fallout". The basis of the show was to actually show the aftermath of what had just transpired on RAW or on Smackdown. The camera crew follows WWE Superstars and/or interviews them regarding events in a somewhat documentary style production. However, WWE took this idea verbatim from TNA Wrestling. Two years ago, in April of 2010 TNA Wrestling debuted a network show titled "TNA Reaction". The show would follow TNA Wrestlers in the aftermath of the events on TNA Impact. Sometimes, the wrestlers would be unaware (kayfabe) that they were being filmed, while other times they were being interviewed or just giving an emotional response to what had just happened on Impact. Nowadays, they just do the "TNA Reaction" style segments DURING Impact. WWE Backstage Fallout is an over produced rip off of TNA Reaction. The beauty of TNA Reaction was that it put so much realism into it. Where WWE fails in their version is that it comes off way too over scripted and over produced instead of natural and gritty like Reaction. Now, we all know that wrestling companies have been ripping each other off for decades. So why bring this up? Well, I was reading some youtube comments to a TNA Wrestling video and a youtube user actually had the nerve to say that TNA was ripping off WWE "Backstage Fallout". I was like are you kidding me? The thing is, I know if one person believes that... then he or she is not the only one. I had to set the record straight that WWE ripped off TNA on this one. The one thing I find funny is that WWE tries so hard to make the public believe that they don't pay any attention to TNA Wrestling, yet have ripped off several ideas over the last couple of years.

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  1. Well, that something common. Everytime the TNA do something, it will be a rip-off and when it's the WWE, it's always original.
    Like The Nexus was original but not Ace's and Eight