Thursday, June 30, 2011

WWE Delivers Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara

by Brian Phelps (

This past Monday night on RAW, fans were treated to Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara. This was one of, if not the best match on RAW this year. After WWE rigged the Power to the People votes and chose Mason Ryan over Evan Bourne to face Sin Cara, WWE has received major backlash far and wide by the wrestling media. At first, they tried to hide their wrong doing and pretend it was some major glitch in the voting system. I've never heard of any glitches on American Idol, Survivor (player of the season voting), or anything else so in a place where everything is scripted and planned... it was an "accident" that the unpopular Mason Ryan was chosen over Sin Cara. YEAH RIGHT. Also, if it was a glitch in the voting system... how did they figure out that Sin Cara should've gotten those votes and not Jack Swagger (I know Sin Cara is more popular but I mean in terms of fixing the glitch)? Then, if it was a glitch and an accident then why did they say they were "making it up" to the fans with Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara the following week when it wasn't their fault? That's how you know they are blowing so much smoke up peoples butts. It's just like RAW Roulette is obviously staged too.

RAW Roulette was fixed too. They spin the wheel, and then zoom far enough in to where you can only see the top of the wheel... so that someone hiding below the wheel can slow the wheel down on the match that they wrote in the script for the two wrestlers to have. Seriously, at least try to make it hard for us to figure out lol.

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  1. My only problem was they didn't give this match enough time, but when do they ever? Good match!