Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Did CM Punk Go Off Script?

by Brian Phelps (http://wrestlersway.blogspot.com)

On RAW earlier tonight, CM Punk changed the course of wrestling history. He created a defining game changer in professional wrestling. It was beyond controversial. It was beyond edgy. Not since 'Razor Ramon' jumped the guard rail on WCW Nitro and implied he was sent by the WWF to take over has a moment rocked wrestling like this and had fans asking themselves if it was real or not. CM Punk has been proclaiming for weeks that his contract is coming up and he is not going to renew it, which is unusual in itself. During the John Cena/R-Truth tables match, he ran out and costed Cena the match... but then oddly grabbed a microphone and walked up the entrance ramp and sat down. Then... he opened his mouth.

CM Punk committed every cardinal sin a wrestler can make. He came out wearing another wrestlers shirt. He mentioned other promotions (a big no no in WWE) when he proclaimed that he would walk out of the company as the World Champion and maybe go defend the belt in New Japan Pro Wrestling or maybe go back to Ring of Honor. He shouted out a non-WWE employee... ROH wrestler Colt Cabana, waving at the camera and saying "Hey Colt Cabana, how you doing?" He told John Cena that he actually liked John Cena, that he didn't hate him. He told Cena he was really great at kissing Vince McMahons ass... as good as Hulk Hogan was and almost as good as Dwayne (The Rock). He broke the fourth wall by looking at the people at home and waving. He then talks about how he is sick of the idea that John Cena is the best wrestler. Punk says he is the best WRESTLER and has been since day one. He told us that The Rock headlining Wrestlemania 28 makes him sick. The icing on the cake is when he says that maybe the company would be better off if Vince McMahon were dead, but it won't because it will be ran by his idiot daughter (Stephanie) and doofus son-in-law (Triple H). He even credited Paul Heyman for giving him a chance "Yes, I'm a Paul Heyman guy". CM Punk committed probably every no no that you could do in the business. Now, everyone has been asking if it was real or scripted after his microphone was cut off and the show was cut off during his anti-WWE rant. It was said that after RAW went off the air Michael Cole stated that Punk was suspended indefinitely, but were the WWE just trying to save face by trying to cover up Punk's off script antics? Whether it was scripted, real, imaginary... it doesn't matter. The world is talking about it. CM Punks shoot promo just joined the hostile take over of WCW, Austins 3:16 speech, and Shane McMahons purchase of WCW as the most shocking moments in professional wrestling history.


  1. Its about fucking time someone stepped up to the plate and fucked the WWE. Thank god for good friends like you Brian who let me know about this, props to you.

    But punk clearly went off script, as you stated he broke all the rules, and said everything you're not supposed to say. Thats why he really is the best in the world, and thats why I will ALWAYS be a fan of his. I salute CM Punk for making a mockery of the WWE in one little 5 minute shoot.

  2. Punk didn't go off script. The WWE know exactly what they are doing, and that is precisely what makes them the largest entertainment business in the world.

    Next week, mark my word, Vince will address the 'issue' and we will all see how this fits into the storyline. The signs have been there for a long time, and they have been building up to this for even longer.

    The 'Cena Years' can't go on for ever, and the WWE know that.

  3. Great Promo. I was very surprised with what "they" allowed CM Punk to say. I don't recall ever seeing this type of promo done so well. The Pro Wrestling landscape is changing across the board, and I hope for the better.


  4. What Traina isn’t considering is that Punk’s speech WAS real. It comes down to your definition of “real”. WWE is very concerned with making you think what they want you to think. If Kelly Kelly points at you and smiles as she’s trotting down to the ring, they want you to cheer for her. If someone says “each and every one of you” or “you people” into a microphone, you’re supposed to boo. This is supposed to translate into an emotional reaction that is hard to have if you aren’t five. That’s WWE’s reality.

    What Punk did was smash a hole in that reality using OUR reality, the reality of the jaded fan on the Internet who wants what you’ve never seen to be the focus of television, and when that happens, wants something else. They didn’t support Scotty Goldman when he was doing picture-in-picture jokes on Smackdown, but they get excited when Colt Cabana is mentioned by name. They get excited when Matt Hardy shows up and blurts out “Ring of Honor”, but give up on him when they realize he’s still just in the WWE, and he’s still just Matt Hardy. That’s how we work, for better or worse. Most of us, anyway.

    Punk took what we consider reality — held down wrestlers, pushes for guys who suck, “sports entertainment” replacing “wrestler” on TV, no promotion existing in the eyes of WWE except for WWE, Triple H, Stephanie, backstage WWE and basically everything Chavo Guerrero will be blogging about for the next six months — and used it as a tool to enhance WWE’s interpretation. That’s the genius of last night. Punk took a formula that doesn’t work (“everything else on the show is fake, but this part is real”), paired it with a few other things that don’t work (talking to the Internet on TV, mentioning backstage stuff 90% of your audience has no idea about), and willed them together into something that works by doing something nobody else who has tried has: being great.

  5. I agree with Brandon on this one. This was indeed half shoot, half work. But Brandon said it best.

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